Too long; didn’t read: Marshal’s handbooks, report forms, links to equipment, scoresheets for archery rounds, and Drachenwald Company of Archers. Marshal contacts at bottom of the page.

Drachenwald offers many opportunities to practice the important medieval skill of archery and to take part in competitions.

Archery is an accessible sport for all ages, and adapts well for people with disabilities.

These documents outline how Drachenwald’s marshals (who act as safety officers and organise tournaments) serve to make archery safe and fun for everyone, and how to teach and mentor new marshals.

The Drachenwald Company of Archers is a ‘guild’ for archers, providing ranks and advancement with recognition from your fellow archers.

Handbooks and authorisation forms

We take safety seriously. ‘Authorisation’ refers to a person who wants to become a marshal passing knowledge and practical tests to gain their marshalling warrant: a bit like taking a driving test before getting your license.

Reporting: forms for quarterly marshal’s reports

Click to use Googleforms to submit a marshal’s report for your region.


Read the rules and download the score sheets.

Equipment divisions

Read a description of the equipment used in Drachenwald competitions.

Drachenwald Company of Archers

The Drachenwald Company of Archers promotes archery within the Kingdom of Drachenwald, through recognition, education, and training.

Social media

Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal Points of Contact

Kingdom of Drachenwald

Drachenwald Kingdom Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal
Mícheál Breathnach Mícheál Breathnach (Paul O'Shea) (He/Him)

Southern Region Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal
Tamara Samuilova Tamara Samuilova (Lydia Krise) (She/Her)

Principality and Baronial Contacts

Nordmark Principality Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal
Eldgrim den Talföre Eldgrim den Talföre

Insulae Draconis Principality Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal
Kier of Eplaheimr (Kieran Vele)

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