The Drachenwald Guild of Herbalists is a chartered Guild dedicated to herbalism. We focus on Herbalism in period, including knowledge that was assembled before and thus accessible in period to committed seekers of knowledge.

Herbalism is the study, both theoretical and practical, of the characteristics and properties of such herbs, as found in nature or raised in gardens, and the exploration of their uses in the arts & sciences prior to the 1600s.

For the purposes of this charter the term Herbs is extended to mean all growing things considered to be plants in a pre-1600 context and all material derived from those plants (eg. root, stem, leaf, bark, fruit, seed, flower) this does include fungi and lichen, algae as well as trees, fruit and vegetables.

The purpose of the guild is to educate us, each other and the populace on period use of herbs, safely introduce and excite the populace to the richness of period flora in all ways of use.

Anybody from any and all the regions of the Kingdom, be they located in Central, Insulae Draconis, Nordmark, Aarnimetsä, or South, who is interested in the study and use of herbs in that sense in period is welcome to join the quest to preserve and further the knowledge on herbs and herbalism in period. All requirements and achievements are designed around the fact that we are a vast kingdom and not everybody can attend every event.

Research on medicinal use in period is never to be published without the explanation that it is merely historic research and doesn’t endorse such use today. Even when augmented with modern scientific findings which may support the use as being on point. The Guild commits to formulating a legal disclaimer to be available for all public use.

The Guild expressly affirms the SCA mission statement of inclusion and against bullying and holds its members accountable for misdeeds in the light of the mission statement against other members of the guild as well as other members of the populace.



Contact Information

  • Guild head: Ava van Allecmere

  • title/job of Guild head no longer exists. we have a Guild Council now: Ava van Allecmere

  • Guild Council: Ava van Allecmere

  • Facebook group

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