At the first SCA event in 1966, a tournament was held, and a variety of weapons and armour were used- including the forerunners of what have become the two main types of combat in the SCA:

  • Armoured Combat

  • Rapier combat, including what the SCA refers to as ‘Cut and Thrust’

SCA Rapier Combat has evolved since those early days into an historically informed martial art.

  • Combat is not choreographed. The combatants are striving to strike their opponents whilst not being hit themselves.

  • Over the years, research has been done into period fencing manuals and many SCA Rapier Fighters are predominantly or exclusively using techniques from those manuals.

  • Blow-calling is based on the honour system - if a person feels that they have received a blow which would be injurious or fatal, they react appropriately.

As with armoured combat, safety is the primary concern. Historical accuracy in technique is not required, although generally appreciated.

Fencing Marshal Points of Contact

Kingdom of Drachenwald

Drachenwald Marshal of Fence
Duncan Kerr (He/Him)

Drachenwald Card Marshal (Fencing)
Pól ó Briain Pól ó Briain (Paul O'Brien ) (He/Him)

Regional Contacts

Nordmark Marshal of Fence
Arenwald von Hagenburg

Insulae Draconis Marshal of Fence
Esbiorn Jensson (David Cordes) (He/his)

Aarnimetsä Marshal of Fence
Mikael Rantzow (He/Him)

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