Different layers of the everyday german dress

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-1-20
A couple of days ago I got a lot of old pictures from a friend, Linda at Handcrafted history, taken last year and the year before that. Some of them show the outfit that is so far my favorite one, just because I feel like me in it, like Im wearing read more

Comfortable and easy outfit for the 15th C

Handcrafted History on 2020-1-17
I wanted to tell you about my blue 15th century dress. It is made in a thin twill wool fabric and super comfortable and easy to wear! This is one of the dresses I wear most when it is hot … Continue reading → read more

The DMNES goes (went) to Luxembourg!

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2020-1-15
Yesterday our editor-in-chief gave a talk in the Digital History and Hermeneutics colloquium series hosted by the Center for Contemporary and Digital History at the University of Luxembourg. There, to a diverse audience of digital historians, read more

Someone else's rabbit hole

Magdalena's kitchen on 2020-1-14
I had a friend reach out to look for a historical provenance  for a modern recipe. Normally I don't work backward that way but after looking up what it was she was looking for I knew I had read something similar already. So I started poking as to read more

Mostly Museum of London Mittens, Maybe

Adventures of Tomyris on 2020-1-12
Problem: I got tired of my hands being cold while I wait for the train in the morning, and I'll be g-ddamned if I can find my gloves. Solution: Use my Post-apocalyptic Life Skills for good, and knit myself some g-ddammed mittens. Parameters: Can't read more

subtitles for bardic performances, a How-To guide

Kareina's observations on 2020-1-10
 One of the most popular songs to come out of the Norrskensbard competition we hold each year in Norra Nordmark was Otukt, written by Wilhelm Marsson, the current Norrskens Bard.  Princess Jovi so enjoyed the song when he entered it in the read more

Golden egg project - The veil

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-1-9
The society of the golden egg is a challenge household for the arts and sciences in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The aim of the Society of the Golden Egg is to encourage artisans to increase their read more

Some 9th C Dutch families

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2020-1-9
One of the neatest experiences, trawling through documents to collect names for the DMNES, is when you get family units, and you can see how the names of parents do or do not affect the names of the children. A few years ago, we were able to give read more

New year- new enery.

Handcrafted History on 2020-1-6
Hi there! I have not been very good at writing here for the last couple of months. I guess life happened, with lots of work and winter coming with darkness and the flu. But now I finally feel I have … Continue reading → read more

Mystery Monday: Vudeota

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2020-1-6
Every Monday we will post an entry that hasn’t yet been published with a view towards harnessing the collective onomastic power of the internet. If you have any thoughts about the name’s origin, other variants it might be related to, other examples read more

More than just a recipe

Magdalena's kitchen on 2020-1-5
Last year in October I made 3 dishes for feast. One of those dishes was more than just a recipe that would have been served to the table it was a preserving method as well. It was from the Danish cookbook and was a way of preserving meat.After the read more

New year's dress à la 1919/1920

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2020-1-1
Like everyone else I have seen all the posts of: "next year the 1920s starts again" or something similar. And they are all of them illustrated with imgaes of women in dress from ca 1925/26, when the dresses were at their shortest.And that didn't read more

Gott Nytt År 2020

Aros on 2020-1-1
Gott nytt år! Här kommer lite information om medlemskap i Aros och Nordmark. Som vi har meddelat tidigare har SKA Nordmark ett nytt medlemssystem, och alla måste själva registrera sig och betala medlemsavgiften. För oss i Aros är det 200 kronor per read more

But first, we had to move house

Adventures of Tomyris on 2020-1-1
So, 2019 had a lot in it, for me, including two new jobs and a new place to live. We levelled up to a larger flat in a nicer neighbourhood, which meant that I could finally set up an office/craft room. I was desperate to get back to scribing, so I read more

Training women, Pt 3: Recruitment and communication

Close Fighting on 2019-12-30
If you want to diversify your fighter base, you may want to have a look at how you're advertising and marketing your practices, as well as how you communicate about them with interested people. It's easy to fall into thinking that all you need to do read more

Oh, dear god...neglected blog has been woefully neglected!

Adventures of Tomyris on 2019-12-30
...but fear not, intrepid reader! Where 2019 was The Year of Getting my Real Life S*&t Together, 2020 will be The Year of Historic Projects. To be fair, I knocked out a couple of scrolls a few months ago, so I'll do a proper write up of them soon. read more

How about some stats?

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2019-12-27
We love doing stats on the data in the DMNES (in fact, we’ve previously done another post with this same name, back in 2015, when we passed the “30,000 entries in the database” milestone.), and no better time to do it than when we’ve just published read more

Seasonings greetings

Magdalena's kitchen on 2019-12-26
First off, happy holidays, whatever flavor you celebrate I hope it has been or will be joyous.Second, This year i dusted off my medieval spices and used them to cook a wonderful dinner. Not medieval food mind you but just the spices. I always seem read more



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