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Planning a well-balanced feast

An Everyday Italian on 2020-11-21
Oh, hello...Food is on my mind, of late. Largely because it's getting colder, and my instinct is to fatten up for the winter. Such is the way of my people.But it gets me thinking about Feasts that I Have Known and Loved, and how challenging it can read/watch more

Small sprang strip from Lengberg

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-11-19
During a restoration of the Lengberg castle (East Tyrol, Austria) in 2008 a filled vault was detected below the floorboards. More than 2,700 textile fragment were found in there. This part of the Lengberg castle was probably finished by 1485 so the read/watch more

That darned net

Knots in a net – Solmuja verkossa on 2020-11-12
We here in the editorial staff believe in practice, practice and practice. So it comes as a surprise, that we haven’t listened to ourselves when it came to embroidered or darned net or lacis. Extant embroidered hairnets and pieces of netting look read/watch more

The Lengberg headwear

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-11-11
So I made it, the Lengberg headwear. When having the sprang piece the step to the whole headwear was to short not to make it. When though Im not doing 15th century fashion. And I think it turned out good, its really cute. But its to small for me. I read/watch more

Stashbusting tales: a small pouch

Stringcrafter on 2020-11-10
Finding linen offcuts, using up leftover warp threads, using a new embroidery stitch successfully… Oh and making last minute lucet cord and tudor-style wrapped beads! Here lies the tale of a drawstring pouch made of scraps.  I moved house in the read/watch more

A sprang from Lengberg

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-11-7
During a restoration of the Lengberg castle (East Tyrol, Austria) in 2008 a filled vault was detected below the floorboards. More than 2,700 textile fragment were found in there. Its not unusual to find textile fragments, shoes, and rubble under read/watch more

New Regency underwear, and revisting a very old gown

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2020-11-6
 Since I took in my old c. 1805 stays from 2006 two years ago when I lost so much weight I didn't have any that fit me now that I have regained some of that weight. I have a pair of transitional stays that I cobbled together for my riding habit, but read/watch more

Needle lace for 1860's shift

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-11-5
 As decoration on the sleeveends on the shift from 1860´s posted yesterday there is a small needle lace. Here is the original one. I interpreted it as three rows of "bubbles" and a supporting thread in between ech layer. I will show you what I read/watch more

The recreation of an old garment

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-11-4
I haven't been writing that much lately. I do a lot of sprang, and there is a limit to how much sprang one could show in a row... But I have also started a class, a handsewing-class! Its at Sätergläntan, instituation of handicrafts. Its an amazing read/watch more


Anna Syveken on 2020-11-4
Grundwissen:“Posca war im alten Rom und Griechenland ein beliebtes Getränk, das durch Mischen von saurem Wein oder Essig mit Wasser und aromatischen Kräutern hergestellt wurde.” Mehr Wissen:“Die Posca war ein nichtalkoholisches Getränk während der read/watch more



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