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A Breadcrumb Cake

Culina vetus on 2024-2-28
I am back to shorter posts of individual recipes that can hopefully be more frequent again. Today: Something the recipe collection of Philippine Welser calls a tart (dortten): 41 If you want to make a tart of semel bread (semla) … Continue reading → read/watch more


Culina vetus on 2024-2-27
The second part of Saturday’s experiments from the Mondseer Kochbuch, plus one pie. We served a varied and rather heavy dessert, and I was slightly surprised that all recipes worked out well. Much food was taken away again. First, there … Continue read/watch more

Crafting update week 7 and 8

Lia's Continued Crafts on 2024-2-25
Monday means weaving For the second week in a row I start weaving a project on a Monday. This week it’s the pillowcase project that I warped last Friday and got in the loom on Sunday. I put in a header with an old bobbin of 16/1 linen from Bockens. read/watch more

A Meatless Recipe Testing Session

Culina vetus on 2024-2-25
On the anniversary of last year’s fritter experimenting session, I got together with some local friends from my mnedieval club for an arts & sciences meeting. I, of course, provided food. It was a good opportunity to try out a … Continue reading → read/watch more

Spring Crown - Letters of Intent

Drachenwald Blog on 2024-2-23
Drachenwald! With great happiness we share news that Drachenwald will have heirs to the thrones selected at the Spring Crown Tourney on the 6th of April. We hereby open the approval process by requesting a Letter of Intent. To be approved to enter read/watch more

Philippine Welser’s Strawberry Tart

Culina vetus on 2024-2-22
I’m very busy and today’s recipe is brief again: 39 If you want to make a strawberry tart Lay the strawberries on the tart base and strew them with sugar, then lay on more strawberries and sugar again, until it … Continue reading → read/watch more

Image sources for matching tunic, surcoat and cloak

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2024-2-22
 While I have written about the written sources for matching sets of cloting (see previous post) I haven't relly shown any period art showing them.Marching tunic/cotte/kirtle and surcoat are easy to find, especially in Italian 13th and early 14th read/watch more

March Dragon’s Tale has been published

Drachenwald Blog on 2024-2-21
Greetings good people of Drachenwald! The Chronicler has published the March Dragon’s Tale for your enjoyment. This links directly to the current newsletter (.pdf), and does not need a password. If this doesn’t work you can follow this link to the read/watch more

Raisin Tart

Culina vetus on 2024-2-19
After devoting so much time to my ahistorical hamburger soteltie, I am finally back to properly old stuff. A raisin tart recipe: 38 If you want to make a raisin tart Take a bottom like for another tart and strew … Continue reading → read/watch more

Illusion Burgers

Culina vetus on 2024-2-18
My son spent the weekend with me. We made burgers. That is, of course, not the whole story. It begins with a tradition of illusion foods that goes back to at least the Hellenistic era and was very strong in … Continue reading → read/watch more

Two Fruit Tarts

Culina vetus on 2024-2-16
Another brief post today: 36 If you want to make a sour cherry tart Prepare a bottom as for other tarts. When it is finished, take a semel loaf, grate it small, and fry it in fat. Then spread it … Continue reading → read/watch more

The further tale of the (13th-14th century) mantle

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2024-2-15
Continued from this post: The tale of the Mantle four years later.So, I finished the actual mantle in the end of last year. But I decided that I wanted a whole set of clothes from this silk taffeta. While people were exceedingly fond of contrasting read/watch more

Perugia towels, some research

Lia's Continued Crafts on 2024-2-15
I have now done one warp of pillowcases. I might do more, but next I want to do Perugia towels – after all, when I started weaving that’s what I was trying to emulate with my four shaft counter balanced loom. Now that I have six shafts I can do a read/watch more



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