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Kareina's observations on 2021-11-30
 I am so behind on posting, things that would be worth their won writeup, had I the time...Norrskensfesten Road trip to Scarpetta di Novembre House huntingPacking to moveJob huntingRelationship joysSuffice it to say: life is wonderful,  busy, read/watch more

A gown fit for a Queen

Handcrafted History on 2021-11-30
You know when you are browsing fabrics, looking for something practical and discreet to make a working garment with? Yeah, that didn’t go as planned here… I fell in love with this silk brocade and bought several meters of it … Continue reading → read/watch more

Trade of food and drink

The Irish Ages on 2021-11-27
Ancient Ireland or Hibernian is described by Tacitus lying between Britain and Spain in 98Ad, where much trade occurred in the harbours. It is hard to imagine trade along such rough seAs, but trade and movement of people brought different races to read/watch more

Insulae Draconis blank competition

Drachenwald Blog on 2021-11-24
Announcing: the Insulae Draconis blank competition! Sponsored by Their Highnesses and the signet office. YOU COULD WIN GOLD! That’s right. The prize is a pack of 25 sheets of 24 carat transfer gold. Double thick, because that’s the way I roll. (And read/watch more

Striped ridges cap

Stringcrafter on 2021-11-22
While helping out at Drachenwald’s Kingdom University last weekend, I tried out the ‘Striped ridges cap’ from from Mathew Gnagy’s book “Knitting with the Modern Maker“. The pattern is inspired by a sixteenth century Italian sideways knitted cap. I read/watch more

So long and thanks for all the arts!

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-11-21
It is time to close this edition of the Drachenwald Arts Challenge – we had a total of 98 projects registered from 51 artisans residing in 9 Kingdoms. Our hope at the start of it was that at least 20% would complete their projects. Four months, the read/watch more

Today’s featured artist: Ragnell Kaxtone

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-11-21
The last artist to be featured in this edition of the Drachenwald Arts Challenge is The Honourable Lady Ragnell Kaxtone who has done all the knitting. First a distinctive white Tudor cap, and then a colour-changed knitted bag. Check them out read/watch more

Today’s featured artist: Pernel Chaloner

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-11-20
Today we get to read about a lot of things from non european cultures as Lady Pernel of the dragon isles explores Saris and indian food pre 1600. She also produced a poem of praise and made a sunshade for a canine companion. Read all about it read/watch more

Today’s featured artist: Paganus Akritus

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-11-19
The second featured artist today is Baron Paganus Akritus from the Barony of Marinus in Atlantia who has used all the poetry forms to craft a re-telling of the Odyssey! Follow along on the journey below! read/watch more

Textile talks on saturday

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2021-11-19
Tomorrow I have the honor of talking about sprang at Historical textiles Textile talks. You find a link to the facebook event here.Questions that will be answered 8I hope) tomorrow are "How old is sprang? How did people use it during the historical read/watch more

Today’s featured artist: Matheus Leuchensis

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-11-19
Today we get to learn about maker’s marks and how to construct one for a persona set in Norman Sicily around the 12th century. Matheus Leuchensis, dominus, did a deep dive and shares it with us. Check it out below! read/watch more

Thoughts on being a Peer #1

Magdalena's kitchen on 2021-11-18
 I have been using the book that Estrid gave me to keep notes ever since it was given to me the night I got my writ. Some of those thoughts I will leave there but others I will put here as well as they may benefit other's. I have been giving a lot read/watch more

Today’s featured artist: Katrein Topffer

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-11-16
Today we get to follow along as Katrein from the East Kingdom plays with gold by trying different types of gilding methods to create playing cards inspired by several decks from the early 15th century. Check it out below! read/watch more

December Dragon’s Tale has been published

Drachenwald Blog on 2021-11-15
Greetings good people of Drachenwald! The Chronicler has published a new Dragon’s Tale for your enjoyment. This links directly to the current newsletter (.pdf), and does not need a password. If this doesn’t work you can follow this link to the read/watch more

Holmrike skålar in julen traditionsenligt

Holmrike Blog on 2021-11-13
Som traditionen påbjuder kommer Holmrike att ses på Wirströms kvällen den 23 december för att skåla in julen. Detta är en tradition som funnits i Holmrike i många år. Köp dina sista julklappar eller förbered din sista julmat hemma och Läs mer… read/watch more



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