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Never underestimate someone who sucks their thumb

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2023-1-31
There is a place, hidden in the gloaming, where the waters of Connla’s Well rise unfailing.  By tide it roars, full of gush and turmoil to the circling sea, by other tide it mirrors the slumber of the Universe, glinting far off worlds above and read/watch more

13th century France- the Maciejowski/Morgan bible Look

Handcrafted History on 2023-1-31
After my project with the Luttrell Psalter, I got interested in earlier medieval times and clothing and fell for the Morgan/Maciejowski Bible. The illustrations are so awesome! Also, the 13th century really is quite fashinating with its garments and read/watch more

gee, this month went by fast

Kareina's observations on 2023-1-30
It does that when one is busy. What have I done. No, there is too much, I will try to sum up. Wish me luck that I don't get distracted typing lots of details that feel worth sharing...Coronation! Ok, I got distracted with details for this one, so read/watch more

What the year will bring

Magdalena's kitchen on 2023-1-14
 I have a chunk of the year mapped out and a strict NO NEW PROJECTS ON THE LIST UNTIL AFTER 30 YEARSchedule as it is:February: Scriptorium (cooking)March: Arts in April (attending)            Spring Crown Tournament (autocrat)April: Flaming Arrow read/watch more

A 15th century Propserpine

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2023-1-12
So, Gotvik had decided that our annual autumn event: Festivalo de Caderas, should include a masked ball. I had planned to do research on masked balls in the medieval period, but I didn't have the energy this autumn. However, what little I had read read/watch more

Aktiviteter första halvan av 2023

Aros on 2023-1-11
Nu finns alla planerade datum för symöten denna vår här på hemsidans kalender. De kommer ske på jämna veckor, med få undantag, med början redan nu på lördagen den 14 januari! Nästa helg 20-22 januari sker också Herstory, ett evenemang ordnat av read/watch more

Just Butter

The Irish Ages on 2023-1-9
Just Butter Sitting after New year in my sitting room isolating, I spotted my butter churn and tbought maybe a bit about butter maybe would be a nice topic to cover. Hidden in plain sight are my favourite things a butter churn The cow, the read/watch more


Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-7
We have booked access to the nearby Aurora School for shower access between the hours of 10:00 and 18:00 on Saturday. The code to the showers is #15561556 C. The building where we can go for showers (Aurora School Gym) read/watch more

Saturday evening’s Fire Show

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-6
The Jester Group Phire participates with a late night fire show to bring some heat to the event! For those who want to see some sparks flying, this might hold some interest to you. Make sure to dress warmly since Read more… read/watch more

Friday Evening

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-6
The hall has been decorated, banners hanging on every wall. People have been arriving all afternoon. Sounds of laughter, joyous greetings, food has been served, and will continue to be available till it has all been eaten. The Royals have Read more… read/watch more

Everyday Italian: My current obsession

An Everyday Italian on 2023-1-6
Goose. Not the actual bird, in this case, although I am very fond of them when they've been well-roasted. This time, it's the Royal Game of Goose, a board game that took 16th century Italy by storm, and continues to be played to this day.It's been read/watch more

Site Maps

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-6
The site buildings on our site include: A: The main building: RotanB: The second building: (B & C Salan)C: The snow caveD: Folket Hus is not part of our event site, but it is an easily visible landmark to show Read more… read/watch more

Muscian for dancing

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-6
The Honourable Lady Gerdis av Bure has agreed to play music for dancing this weekend, and she happily invites any other musicians who would like to join in to pleas do so. She is certain she can play the following Read more… read/watch more


Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2023-1-6
I have not been writing in a while. I have been working on something for myself, something that took a little bit of time. Right before covid I finished an embroidered haube, the most complicated embroidery I have ever made, as a Golden egg-project. read/watch more



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