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How to take care of your historical shoes

Handcrafted History on 2021-10-20
At the end of each historical adventure-season I try to clean, mend and grease all our shoes. Outdoors in the autumn sun is of course the most enjoyable, but as long as you get it done it is fine. (Ideally, … Continue reading → read/watch more

Projects finished week 41

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-10-18
This past week’s finished project is letter-writing Lady Alessandra di Riario of Insulae Draconis has written home: Alessandra’s sad letter home read/watch more

T minus 4 #englishonly

Anna Syveken on 2021-10-18
The packing madness begins. On Thursday it’s off to the Netherlands, and on the weekend there will (finally!) be another big Kingdom event!If all goes well, this will be a special weekend for me, as the time has come to comply with Their Majesties‘ read/watch more

November Dragon’s Tale has been published

Drachenwald Blog on 2021-10-15
Greetings good people of Drachenwald! The Chronicler has published a new Dragon’s Tale for your enjoyment. This links directly to the current newsletter (.pdf), and does not need a password. If this doesn’t work you can follow this link to the read/watch more

Projects finished week 40

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-10-11
We have another batch of finished projects now live on the website! A slew of nobles from Insulae Draconis in Drachenwald have turned in several projects, starting with Lady Pernel Chaloner: Indian food pre 1600The sari – History and ways to read/watch more

I have been Hijacked!!

Magdalena's kitchen on 2021-10-10
 This will be a post on my elevation, move along if you are not interested.Someone noted a bit ago that all I can seem to talk about is Crown and the subsequent elevations happening there, including my own. I came to the conclusion that having a read/watch more

Holmrike besöker Vikingautställning 13 november

Holmrike Blog on 2021-10-9
I somras öppnade till slut Historiska Museets Vikingautställning igen, efter ett par stängda år! Vi passar på att gå dit ihop lördagen 13 november kl. 12-15. Vi ses kl. 12 utanför Historiska museums huvudentré för att se utställningen ihop och Läs read/watch more

Projects finished in week 39

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-10-4
Since the final Q&A we have had three projects finalised and sent in with write-ups and images. They are A windbreak for Holly (Camp textiles) by Lady Pernel of Drachenwald 2 out of 3 bags (Tangling it up) by Lady Alays de Lunel of Drachenwald, read/watch more

Kareina's courier and adventure service

Kareina's observations on 2021-9-30
 Some years ago, P, one of my local friends got a job in Ireland and moved away. Apartments being hard to come by in Luleå, he kept paying rent at his apartment here till he was really certain he wouldn't be moving back. Then he scheduled a trip read/watch more

Zeugma Mosaiken

Anna Syveken on 2021-9-30
Mal kurz was entspanntes: Ein Besuch im Museum in Zeugma: Im Zeugma-Mosaik-Museum (türkisch Zeugma Mozaik Müzesi) in der türkischen Provinzhauptstadt Gaziantep sind archäologische Funde, hauptsächlich Mosaike, aus der Stadt Zeugma gesammelt, die read/watch more

September projects turned in

Drachenwald Arts Challenge on 2021-9-26
On Tuesday the 28th we have the final Q&A scheduled. We will start this session with short presentations of the projects finished since the last Q&A. This month’s newly finished challenges are: Tapestry Spike by Angeline of the Groves 15th read/watch more



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