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On Pretty Towns

Ava's Corner on 2024-4-13
Somewhere back in 2020 I wrote my first Compleat Anachronist (C.A.) on the unique garments of orphaned children in the Netherlands in the late middle ages, you can find more information here. Not too long ago I decided to put pen to paper again and read/watch more

The Irish Ages on 2024-4-11
This week coffee table book, Agriculture and settlement in Ireland is already taking me down a few rabbit holes, the introduction itself talks about a rural society, Brehon laws , the effect the churches and monasteries had on ireland agriculture. read/watch more

Venison Pastries

Culina vetus on 2024-4-11
I will be travelling with my son and there will probably not be time for many extensive posts in the coming week or so, so here is what Philippine Welser’s recipe collection says on venison pastries: 64 Further, how to … Continue reading → read/watch more

Everything is connected…

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2024-4-10
I’ve been down the ogham rabbithole – still there in fact -, but I am surfacing just a little to share an amused observation. In the course of my “Are ogham letters named for trees?” research I’ve discovered a side tunnel that joins up to my “tell read/watch more

Capon Pastries

Culina vetus on 2024-4-10
I was writing about the capon pastry in Philippine Welser’s recipe collection we tried a few weeks ago, but the book actually contains several versions of capon or chicken pastries: 59 To make a capon pastry Prepare the pastry crust … Continue read/watch more

Crafting week 13 & 14

Lia's Continued Crafts on 2024-4-7
Continuing with Perugia towels Having finished the first towel, I took a couple of days to remove the pattern I had picked up on eight half-heddles and pick up a new pattern row to weave a towel for my Husband. I ended up being quite pleased with read/watch more

Herb Tart (with lots of sage)

Culina vetus on 2024-4-7
There is only time for a quick recipe today, so I will pick up a loose end from the crafting meeting: The green tart from the recipe collection of Philippine Welser. 52 If you want to make a tart of … Continue reading → read/watch more

Lenten Dessert

Culina vetus on 2024-4-6
We followed the fish feast on Good Friday with a dessert of illusion foods: Pastries, bratwurst sausages, and porridge topped with fried lardons. All of them fit for Lent. The pastries are easiest: You simply fill them with something other … read/watch more

Book of hours: April

The lazy reenactor girl on 2024-4-6
My series of Book of hours calendar activities-posts is still going strong! Each month, I’ll present a bunch of illustrations from different volumes that I’ve found that has a calendar section with images. A bunch of the different books has the same read/watch more

The Good Friday Fish Feast

Culina vetus on 2024-4-5
A friend was able to source fresh trout for our gathering at the easter weekend, so I could finally try out some of my fish recipes on my unsuspecting fellow medievalists. The result was a Lenten spread that was both … Continue reading → read/watch more

Letters from the Trees

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2024-4-4
I’ve been putting this post of for an age because I’ve been reluctant to find out that a lot of what I thought was true about the subject would turn out to be Victorian fabrication, as this has been a far bigger element in my research in the last read/watch more

Siculo-Norman Snack Beans

Culina vetus on 2024-4-3
I am still not finished writing up the fish feast we had on Good Friday, but here is a small thing I tried out on Saturday with our Sicilian Norman supper. It is based on a passage in Isaac Iudaeus … Continue reading → read/watch more

More on Meat Pastries

Culina vetus on 2024-4-1
I am badly in arrears and promise to write up what I did over the Easter weekend, but there are still recipes and experiences from the Palm Sunday open. The main course of our meal that day were two meat … Continue reading → read/watch more



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