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Workshop announcement

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2024-6-17
Noble cousins, The Insulae Draconis Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging team will run a short “Bystander Intervention” workshop on Zoom to help empower our populace will the tools they need to intervene in harassment and other read/watch more

That partlet I've been thinking about forever

An Everyday Italian on 2024-6-16
Maria de Medici, c. 1555This is the dress that, when I changed persona for the third time, shifted me from late 15th century Italy to mid-16th century. It's just so... chef's kiss. And I am not alone. I, like many who have gone before, have slowly read/watch more

German workingclass outfit....again...but with a rock!

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2024-6-16
The farmer-outfit has quickly become my favorite, German 16th century of course. I feel so like myself in it. And I have all the different layers that one might need, kirtle and gown, and a couple of different headwear and of course, my jacket.At read/watch more

From the Seneschal

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2024-6-16
Demat, penaos emañ kont? It’s June already! I have to admit I’ve never got the hang of linear time… Anyway, June is Pride month, a time for celebration but also a time for recognition of the social and political struggles for equality, for the right read/watch more

A New Kitchen Toy

Culina vetus on 2024-6-15
Once you get into historical cooking, you start becoming an equipment collector. The techniques and tools of the past are fascinating, even if we can’t fully replicate them. I am an avid flea market shopper anyway, so this part comes … Continue read/watch more

From their Highnesses

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2024-6-15
Greetings Noble Cousins, We very much enjoyed your companionship at St. Bede’s Fair and Strawberry Raid! And during these events, His Highness and I are well pleased with all those who have taken up the challenge to hone your skill at boasts at read/watch more

Mortar Fritters

Culina vetus on 2024-6-14
As we return to more regular shorter recipes, this is a species of choux paste frittrer. It is from the recipe collection of Philippine Welser, and the point appears to be that it puffs up quite spectacularly: 105 If you … Continue reading → read/watch more

The Buccaneer Wedding Feast

Culina vetus on 2024-6-13
I apologise for missing more posts yet, but things are returning to a more normal schedule and I hope to be back to regular short recipes soon. Today, I want to post a little about the project that took up … Continue reading → read/watch more

Antler-shaped fritters

Culina vetus on 2024-6-9
I am sorry for the long silence. This weekend, I was busy cooking a historical wedding feast for the sister of a good friend in South Germany, which involved as good deal of preparation and some pretty crazy travel arrangements. … Continue reading → read/watch more

Rules for Cookpots

Culina vetus on 2024-6-3
Just a short post today, but this is one of the little things that I so enjoy finding. I was writing about the massive grapen cookpots, three-legged bronze vessels that stood in the embers of the fire, at the kitchen … Continue reading → read/watch more

May Count and scribing (crafting update wk 21 & 22)

Lia's Continued Crafts on 2024-6-2
I have a goal of making scrolls this year, to not let my skills completely waste away – and I started out strong this week by writing out the text for an Award of Arms (AoA), scribal project #94, with a very short deadline. The plan was to work on a read/watch more

Book of hours: June

The lazy reenactor girl on 2024-6-1
My series of Book of hours calendar activities-posts is still going strong! Each month, I’ll present a bunch of illustrations from different volumes that I’ve found that has a calendar section with images. A bunch of the different books has the same read/watch more

A Sixteenth-Century Institutional Kitchen

Culina vetus on 2024-5-31
We looked at the 1547 meal plan of the Heilig-Geist-Spital in Hamburg before. However, there is another interesting resource. Its fortunate survival allows us a glimpse of the kitchen in which all of these meals were produced. Kitchen inventories read/watch more

A Sixteenth-Century Meal Plan

Culina vetus on 2024-5-29
Like many cities throughout medieval Germany, Hamburg had a Spital. These charitable religious foundations were initially intended to provide shelter or permanent homes to the indigent and sick, but they tended to turn into a kind of retirement read/watch more



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