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The sprang-hairnet journey continue.

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2021-2-23
I have been working on a new hairnet. In sprang-technique and linen thread. The same way I have been before when doing the other nets. But I still dont think I got the right shape. So the hairnet-journey continues. And this time I tried both a read/watch more

SCA feastgear: viking/iron age

The lazy reenactor girl on 2021-2-20
In my SCA game I spend a lot of time and energy on the items that I eat and drink with. What we call feastgear is, for me, accessories the same way shoes, hats and bags are! My goal is to have a full set of feastgear with all my garb sets. For me a read/watch more

Care for clothing from Handcrafted History

Handcrafted History on 2021-2-18
This is a guide covering the usual pieces of garments and accessories you may order or buy from Handcrafted History. I always aim to create garments for actual reenactors who will be playing, working and eating in their outfits, living … Continue read/watch more

A trossfrau tale

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2021-2-17
Marlein, little Mary, how was your life? Was life on campaign really better? What kind of life did you left behind? Are you leaving to join the armylife for money and wealth, for booty? Has the fools gold tricked you in to making these choices read/watch more

I DID skate more - 17th century Dutch version

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2021-2-17
Ever since I saw the Dutch 17th century paintings of people skating some 20 years ago, I have wanted to make one of those outfits. I have made a collection of historical Dutch ice skating pictures over at the web site of the Rijksmuseum, not all of read/watch more

Honey Do

An Everyday Italian on 2021-2-14
Yesterday was the investiture of the Founding Baron and Baroness of the newest Barony in Drachenwald - Eplaheimr - and I popped in for court. My garb is currently in a state of ass, so I wrapped myself in a pashmina and kept my video off for this read/watch more

Meet the Coronation Event Team: Archery Marshal

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2021-2-10
Mícheál Breathnach is the archery marshal for Summer Coronation, and is looking forward to the possibility to shoot day and night, without needing torchlight. Micheál began playing SCA eight years ago on Lough Devanree, in Insulae Draconis, drawn read/watch more

Law proposals

Drachenwald Blog on 2021-2-7
Greetings from Drachenwald Law Council! Please give feedback on the new draft law proposals The Drachenwald Law Council has published new draft law proposals for your commentary! These draft proposals cover the Glossary, and Drachenwald law sections read/watch more



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