Heralds in the Middle Ages were experts in chivalry, tournaments, coats-of-arms and the technicalities of war. Heralds in the Society enjoy communicating tournament combat, court ceremony, and the specifics of historical names and coats-of-arms. Some heralds specialise and build expertise, while others thrive being generalists.

Heralds bring pageantry to the Society: we help make a modern experience turn into a near-medieval one. We do this in several ways.

Learn about heraldry

Welcome to Drachenwald

Court and protocol

Court Reporting

Learning and commenting on heraldry in Drachenwald: tools and documents

Society-wide College of Arms

Herald Points of Contact

Kingdom of Drachenwald

Drachenwald Schwarzdrachen Herald (Drachenwald Kingdom Herald)
Nicholas de Estleche
Email: herald@drachenwald.sca.org

Drachenwald Aurochs Herald (Deputy to Schwarzdrachen)
Esbiorn Jensson
Email: herald@drachenwald.sca.org

Drachenwald Albion Herald (External submissions)
Memorantia van de Linde Memorantia van de Linde
Email: albion@drachenwald.sca.org

Drachenwald Edelweiss Herald (Internal submissions, deputy to Albion)
Anna de Byxe
Email: edelweiss@drachenwald.sca.org

Drachenwald Post Horn Herald (Order of Precedence)
Arianhwy merch Catmael
Email: s.l.uckelman@durham.ac.uk

Principality and Baronial Contacts

Insulae Draconis Principality Herald
Shirin Perot-duxt (Sarah Brider) (Any)
Email: herald@insulaedraconis.org

Knights Crossing Barony Herald
Dominic Beniamin (Bernard Dominic Anlage IV)
Email: bernard.anlage@gmail.com

Aarnimetsä Barony Herald
Magdalen Yrjänäntytär
Email: herald@aarnimetsa.org

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