Kingdom web artificers

These folks volunteer to work on the kingdom website and other IT affairs

  • Sela de la Rosa
  • Genevieve la flechiere
  • Marcella di Cavellino
  • Menja (Mallymkun Galpin)
  • Maria Harsick

Google Workspace

Reporting for principality and local webministers

Mostly, Yda would like to hear from web ministers and would like to know if there’s anything you’re running into that kingdom web artificers can help with. Beyond that she appreciates getting an update on major things planned or that happened.

Kingdom site issues

Send a report to the Gitlab issues tracker:

Updating information on the website

Points of Contact

Kingdom of Drachenwald

Yda v Boulogne (She/Her)

Principality and Baronial Contacts

Mirabillis Graffaro da Riva

Insulae Draconis
Marcella di Cavallino (She/Her)

Knights Crossing
Richart von Brandenburg (He/Him)

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