Drachenwald chartered groups can be included on the kingdom website, as long as they have a charter and are in principle open to everybody who satisfies criteria outlined in the charter. The content for chartered groups remains the responsibility of the group and content will only be included while the group is nominally active and the group contact is reachable via email.

There are four options for including information about your chartered group in the kingdom website:

  1. You send content, preferably in Google Docs, to webminister@drachenwald.sca.org. It will be updated by the web artificers. This is only suitable for pages that are extremely limited in their updates. The web artificers team reserves the right to adapt your pages to take adavantage of other content mechanisms we have which would give you the opportunity to do updates yourself.
  2. You create your own pages in Markdown and Git. Markdown is similar to wikitext, or blogtext, it’s not hard to learn and will help you create structured content. Git is a tool we use to track who makes which changes to the website and to control who can directly edit the website. There is a webinterface available. Web artificers can help you get started. This is an appropriate option for people who are technically skilled or willing to learn or for static pages. Most of the pages on the website are made this way. If you’re curious, follow the ‘edit’ link at the bottom of this page.
  3. You maintain content in a Google Sheet that we read automatically and display on one or more pages where the structure has been made beforehand. This is a great way to show structured information such as rosters or officers. The contact information for officers is maintained that way, as well as some of the rosters for fencers. If you want this web artificers can help you create the base page that the information will be displayed in.
  4. You have a website somewhere else that we can read content from automatically, for instance a blog. This is Drachenwald is created using similar tools.

In all of the above cases, reach out to the webminister if you’re interested.

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