This article presents the tools on offer for group webministers who want to use them.

Email hosting through Google Workspace

The Kingdom offers email hosting on a Google Workspace. Talk to the webminister to get set up.

Handsfree website

This is a JavaScript-based website where no changes are possible. This is meant to serve as an online business card for a group that does not want to do any web work themselves, it features the events for the group and presents the officers. For anything more in-depth it refers to the Insulae Draconis website. Updates happen through the regnum and event forms.

The handsfree website is predominantly for groups who are small and struggling to have yet another volunteer for a website job, rather than something forced onto people. Other models exist in Nordmark, where they offer a more managed Wordpress to local groups and other kingdoms which run the gamut from managed Wordpress to entirely managed websites for local groups, or no support at all.

Currently in use on Klakavirki, Glen Rathlin, Pontalarch, Thamesreach, and Mynydd Gwyn.

Build your own website on Google Sites using Google Workspace

You can build your website on Google Sites using Google Workspace.

This requires you to run email and your website through the kingdom Google Workspace. Requires a local webminister and manual updates.

Currently in use by Harpelstane, KU, and Spring Crown 2023.

JavaScript widgets for your website

We offer JavaScript tools that present calendar & officer information that webministers can incorporate in their websites. This means information only needs to be updated in one place.

Currently in use on,,,, and

Centralized datafiles for reuse

The datafiles calendar.json & regnum.json are useful for webministers with advanced technical skills who want to pull information from a central repository.

Currently in use on and Baelfyr.

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