Too long; didn’t read: Heralds keep track of the awards that the royals give out in an Order of Precedence. If you spot a mistake, here’s how to help fix it.

The Crown decides who to recognise based on recommendations from the people of Drachenwald. You can email their Majesties, or send a recommendation via a form online.

Drachenwald’s Posthorn Herald ( is responsible for keeping the order of precedence up to date.

Submit a correction

Like medieval heralds, heralds and their records aren’t perfect. Sometimes the court herald doesn’t turn in the report right away; sometimes a planned award is delayed, or the recipient doesn’t attend the event as expected.

What needs changing?

  • a mistake to an award listed in the order of precedence: wrong date, wrong award, spelling error, missing modern name, wrong modern name, change in primary SCA name, change in region of residence. Please email a correction to Posthorn explaining what needs changing.

  • a missing award which someone received within Drachenwald : please send a copy of the court report (from the Dragon’s Tale), indicating which award was missed, or a photo of the scroll, to Posthorn. If you cannot find a court report, it’s possible the court was not reported correctly. Check with the royals, or the court herald, from that court.

  • missing award(s) which someone received in another kingdom: please send the person’s name, and a link to the order of precedence for the kingdom. New arrivals to Drachenwald are welcome to tell us about themselves!

  • adding arms to the Armorial: please hang onto your art! We’ll post instructions on sending new artwork for publishing in the Armorial when the new Armorial is up and running.

  • something else not listed: please email Posthorn to explain

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