This is the guided documentation form for the Drachenwald Kingdom Arts & Sciences competition. There is a documentation limit of 2,000 words (excluding the questions). Please include images as appropriate.


Title of Entry:


Choose from: culinary arts, fine arts, textile arts, performance arts, martial sciences, decorative sciences, functional sciences and research

What Is It?

1. What is your submission?

Describe your entry.

2. When and how was it in use?

Geographic area, time, who would make, perform or use it.

3. Why did you make one of these?

What inspired you? Would your persona have one? Does it use a skill you’re trying to develop or material you had?

How Did You Make It?

4. What is your submission made of?

Describe the materials you used.

5. What was the original made out of?

What materials would be used in period?

6. How did you make it?

Which tools and techniques did you use? Did you experiment before starting the final piece?

7. How were these made in period?

Which tools and techniques would they have used? How do we know? Would more than one craftsperson be involved?

Why Did You Make It This Way?

8. How is your submission different from the period way of making it?

Did you use different techniques? Different tools? Different materials? Or is it the same?

9. Why did you make it differently?

Is the material not available or too expensive? Is it for mundane considerations such as safety concerns, washability, or ease of transport? Is this an experiment to find a plausible method for an unknown process?

10. What are you least satisfied with?

How would you do things differently if you did this again?

11. What are you most satisfied with/would do the same?

What worked really well?

12. What were the biggest challenges?

Was anything unexpectedly difficult?


You may also include images, either in this section or in the relevant sections above.

13. Which sources did you use?

e.g. names of books, links to specific websites, museums, names of people who helped you or classes you took

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