Kingdom University 2021 Class list

Calligraphy & Illumination

Scroll Planning - Richard of Salesberie

Scroll Planning for beginners. Some suggestions for how those who have not yet made a scroll, or are not yet confident in the process, might tackle the task. The talk will tackle how the commissioning process works in Drachenwald, devising wording, deciding on a design, basic materials…

Silverpoint Drawing - Swanhilde von Baerenau

How to prepare the ground for silverpoint drawing like the old masters.

Beyond Kells - Bran Mydwynter

When people think about Insular manuscripts, most know Kells, and many know Lindisfarne. But while these books are definitely lush, there are so many other options out there for us to use in our scrollwork. In this class we’ll dive into a handful of other Insular manuscripts, discuss achievable design for scribes of varying experience levels, explore the little details that make each manuscript interesting, and see examples of scroll layouts created from extant pages. By the end of the class I hope you’ll feel more prepared to tackle these early-period projects, and eager to embrace a broader world of Insular art within your own scrollwork. So join me, and step further into the gorgeous world of Insular manuscripts…beyond Kells.

CANCELLED Gospel of Cuthbert Uncial - Hellen of Haldane

A calligraphy class on the uncial hand used in the Book of Cuthbert - as well as a bit of history on this amazing book

Gospel of Cuthbert Uncial - Hellen of Haldane

A calligraphy class on the uncial hand used in the Book of Cuthbert - as well as a bit of history on this amazing book

Manuscript Research - Ysabel d’Outremer

Introduction to Codicology and Digital Manuscript Research

Learn how to look at medieval manuscripts, and then explore online tools for image research. I'll draw on my training as an art historian as well as my recent experience with the project "Medieval Manuscripts in Flemish Collections" to talk about how manuscripts are described and what the physical characteristics can tell us. Then we'll look at the latest digital tools used in manuscript research and the wealth of online resources now available.

Cooking & Feasts

Feast preparation video: making lamb casserole - Lady Amphelise de Wodeham

How to make Lamb Casserole, a meat main dish from "A Feast of Seville Cathedral" researched and tested by Lady Amphelise de Wodeham.

Al attendees are invited to make the recipes ahead of time.

Feast preparation video: making Artichoke and Hearts of Palm - Lady Amphelise de Wodeham

How to make Artichoke and Hearts of Palm, a veg side dish from "A Feast of Seville Cathedral" researched and tested by Lady Amphelise de Wodeham.

All attendees are invited to make the recipes ahead of time.

Feast preparation video: making Aubergine Empanadas - Lady Amphelise de Wodeham

How to make Aubergine Empanadas, a veg main dish from "A Feast of Seville Cathedral" researched and tested by Lady Amphelise de Wodeham.

All attendees are invited to make the recipes ahead of time.

Making Marzipan - Kiriel du Papillon

Let's make marzipan! A live cooking session where we all make marzipan and bake it together in our own homes.

The basic ingredients you will need to cook along with Kiriel are:

  • almond meal
  • caster sugar (normal sugar can be used at a pinch it just won't be as fine)
  • rosewater

    Optional extras (if you want to try something a little more interesting!)
  • a chicken breast
  • a little salt
  • orange flower water

Banquetting stuff dining in England from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries - Duncan Kerr

The fourteenth to Sixteenth centuries in England saw important changes in the way people dined. My focus will be on the tableware used during these three centuries and how it changed. Tableware is not just plates, bowls and spoons but also the tablecloths, other linens and placemats. I will also discuss some of the reasons for these changes and table manners' importance during this period.

Norman Influence on Irish Food - Meadhbh Rois Ineagh Ui Chaoimh

Norman food the Irish way

Looking at how the Anglo Normans influenced food in Ireland and some recipes they may have used

Feast: Before the cooking starts - Magdelena Grace Vane

How to plan what to cook by knowing your kitchen and limitations

A Bit Of A Rum Do - Wolfram von Falkenstein

Rum in period. Sort of. What we think of as rum now is post-period, in terms of being molasses-based, but there have been other drinks of this nature, and with the same name, in period, and in fact the Ancient Greeks first mention it back in their day. So what is rum in different period cultures, and how do they relate to the modern stuff?


The Sexiest Sheet You’ll Ever Wear - Late Roman on a budget - Anna Syveken

An introduction to western late antiquity clothing for women, some information about accessoires and a "quick & dirty" DIY instruction for a first set of late roman garb.

12th C Fashion - Ellisif Gydasdottir

12th Century Fashion, Roundtable Discussion - Moving Kingdoms 12th Century Fashion: A review of one of the most diverse periods of fashion in history. This time of change introduced fantastic options for women and men, while still being incredibly fun to make and easy to wear.

Divine Beads, Beads from the Paradise - Dúgū Jìnán

Introduction to historical fragrant jewelry Fragrant jewelry made of aromatics appeared quite early though it is hard to find extant artefacts because of their fragility. We will visit ancient Rome, early Islamic caliphates, medieval China, and Renaissance Italy to have a look at recreated fragrant beads and pomanders. This class will not be recorded.


Welcome - THE TEAM

Welcome to Drachenwald Kingdom University


Fibre Arts

Beginners Fingerloop Braids - Johanna aff Hucka

Fingerloop braiding for beginners. In the period fingerloop braids were used both decoratively and functionally. In this class you learn several of the easiest fingerloop braids.

Complex Weaves - Jahanara

Complex Weaves, with demonstration of how to weave taqueria and samitum.
This class will cover extant examples of complex weave structures. I will demonstrate weaving both taquete and samitum.
Students may contact me in advance if they would like to warp up their looms at home and weave along with me. Taquete draft requires only 4 shafts samitum draft requires 5 or mores shafts.

Brocade Tablet Weaving - Ellisif Gydasdottir

Brocade Tablet Weaving Q&A: An overview and open question/answer session about Tablet Weaving, particularly brocade. We can cover how to, materials, sources, and more.

Pattern Design for Tablet Weaving - Catherine Weaver of Thamesreach

In this class I will show you how I design tablet woven bands, both using graph paper and Tablet Weaving Draft Designer (
We will cover threaded-in, warp-twining and simple double-face.


Period Christmas - Wolfram von Falkenstein

Have Yourself A Period Christmas Xmas traditions in period, and how the holiday ended up in its current slot, when it was at Easter for the first couple of centuries of Christianity

Rus Folklore - Alessandra di Riario

Folklore, Tales, And Superstitions Of The Rus: A talk about the stories and folklore of what's now called Russian peoples in period

Womens Rights to Honourable Dress - Aleydis van Vilvoorde

The right to honourable dress – female transgression and dress in medieval Scandinavia.

In this class Scandinavian medieval dress regulations relating to women's perceived sexual honour are discussed, and put into a wider European perspective. Through the dress regulations underlying ideas of femininity and of order can be traced and understood. Female transgression and how it affected women’s right to fashionable dress will be discussed, as well as the transgression of society’s dress norms as a kind of social strategy.

The Voyage of St Brendan - Dáire Ó Lochlainn

The voyage of St Brendan will be explored as a literary piece, a social construct, a pilgrimage and an actual sea journey. Find out if the Island of Paradise was in the Americas!

Thomas Kytson, Master Mercer - Edith of Hedingham

Thomas Kytson, Master Mercer and international trade 1530s

Thomas Kytson was a mercer and grocer in the 1530s and kept excellent records of his fabric trading business in London.
In this class we will look at the London fabric market and its reach in to the whole of Britian, and Europe. We will be considering the real price of theTudor garb you are wearing and exploring the importance and power of the merchant classes in London and the UK





A Feast of Seville Cathedral
by Lady Amphelise de Wodeham

Several months ago I became aware of a new publication that seemed highly relevant to my interests as a cook of medieval feasts. In Seville Cathedral there were 68 carvings of plates showing food known to the people of the time, and Spanish academic author Juan Clemente Rodríguez Estévez had analysed these carvings and produced a wonderful book about them.
So, I thought: I’ll take the list of foods shown in these carvings, look up recipe books from the same era, and plan a feast on that basis.

Check the schedule for pre-recorded videos on making lamb casserole, Aubergine Empanadas, and Artichoke and Hearts of Palm.
View the class materials to get the recipes!



Diving Deep into Sources, or Coming at Things Sideways - Alexandre d’Avignon

In this class, I'll discuss the ways in which a researcher can try to tease more information out of a documentary source than is floating on the surface, as well as some of the pitfalls of doing so. It is more historiography than history, although there will be history, too. I expect this class to be a bit more interactive than many, somewhere between lecture and workshop.

We will begin by interrogating 'The Register of the Freemen of York,' which is available online. It might be useful for attendees to read the preface ahead of time.

Time permitting, we may examine some medieval wills or probate inventories, and/or some of the Nottingham Borough Court Rolls. The rolls and a user guide are online.

Writing for SCA Publications - Ariel of Lindisfarne

Write for/help with Tournament Illuminated and Compleat Anachronist.
Throughout the pandemic, Tournaments Illuminated and Compleat Anachronist have done their best to keep publishing. Might you help us? Meet with the CA editor to find out what's needed for both TI and CA, and how you can join our team!

Easy and Fun Reporting in the SCA - Margaret de Mey

SCA officer reports - yes, they can be made easier and even fun!

Reporting in general is not an activity anticipated with much glee by people who need to write them - within Drachenwald or the mundane world. Yet they are important, as they allow you a way to publicize your group's successes or needs for assistance. I’ve been writing and reading seneschal reports for many years. I want to share my experiences with you on how to make the reporting task easier and more rewarding for you and those who read your reports.

This class will show you what information you need to provide, how to get it from your group members and tips to simplify organizing and writing a report. We’ll also discuss what you can do to make a report more interesting, both for you to write and your readers to enjoy.

Demystifying the Artisan Path - Raven Mayne

An Artisan Guide in the SCA information to explain and assist in understanding the unspoken artisan's assumed path; from starting an arts and science item, to display, to teaching, to Competition.

How to make Flyers with Photoshop - Yannick of Normandy

A practical play along session using Photopea, an online web browser based clone of Photoshop.
We will look at setting out, using templates and designing a flyer which should be useful to each student.

Class attendees should also be running OBS (freeware!) and have more than one monitor if possible.

How to Teach - Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada

Would you like to teach a class but have no idea where to start?

This class will outline the EPEE method for designing teaching sessions, whether an individual class or a series of linked workshops.
It will help you identify your goals and those of your students, and show you how to work out if those goals have been met.

This class is based on a conference paper given by by Y-M at a teaching & learning conference in 2019. There will be plenty of time for questions.

What is in a name? -the basics of name documentation - Anna de Byxe

With the help of “Alys's Simple Guide to Summarizing Name Documentation”, we will talk about what is needed to document a name and how to summarize it for the Drachenwald name form.

Drachenwald Arts Challenge roundup, followed by Roundtable Discussion on The Future of Online Events -


Medieval Logic - Aryanhwy merch Catmael

Logic: Theory & Practice in the 13th Century University.
In this class I will talk about the undergraduate curriculum at European universities in the 13th century as an introduction to the study of logic, one branch of the trivium.

Medieval European Cosmology - Viviana Rowe

How many elements are there? What's the best way to ensure my future happiness? Why do I have the life I have, instead of a different one? These are all questions that we answer with an underlying world view, or cosmology.

Medieval Low Country Coastlines - Yda v Boulogne

The coastline in the low countries-2000 years of far too much water and sometimes not enough.
What did the physical world look like in period? The environment is constantly shifting in response to human activities and climate (weather events).
The low countries have seen dramatic changes in what land was available for human habitation in the last 2000 years. A birds eye view of what was there, what wasn't and how it changed.

Brass Rubbings without Rubbing - Raven Mayne

Making a Brass Rubbing- without the Brass or the Rubbing. I will show a easy way to create a brass rubbing on fabric with paint.



Chance for teachers to test their connections and setup

Friday Bardic Circle - EVERYONE

Bardic Circle

Socialising - EVERYONE

Social Space

Saturday Bardic Circle - EVERYONE




The Art of Combat

Principles of Armour Design - William Gifford

Principles of Ambience Armour Design

This class is aimed at - primarily newer - people who want to upgrade their armour to look more like the “real thing”. I will explain my ideas of audience-oriented or “ambience” armour design, principles of design to create easily recognizable and identifiable hard kits and ideas on how to find solutions for implementing SCA anachronisms required for safety into geographically and time-wise consistent armour.

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