Guidelines for A&S displays

In order to further the cause of the Arts & Sciences, it has become more and more important to hold Arts & Sciences displays to showcase what the artisans in our fair Kingdom are working on. A display will not only allow artisans in Drachenwald more recognition in their endeavors but will allow the populace to discover what other artisans in the Kingdom are working on and researching

Steps to setting up a display at an event:

If the person organizing the display is not the autocrat, contact the event autocrat to make sure that there is enough time and space for a display. Coordinate schedules so the time of the display fits with the event schedule.

Send out an announcement to the populace announcing that the display will be held about 3 weeks in advance. A reminder sent out a few days before the event is also useful.

A sample announcement follows:
(Please feel free to change this in any way that fits your event, schedule, or the people holding the event!)

Calling all artisans! There will be an A&S display at "whatever" event. All artisans in the Kingdom who would like to display WHATEVER A&S project they are working on, have just started or completely finished, please bring those items to the event. The items will be on public display from 11: 00 to 17:00 on Saturday. Documentation of any kind is not mandatory but may be displayed along with the item if the artisan deems it appropriate.

We ask that the populace bring small tokens to place by the items that are thought to be especially magnificent. This will not be for voting purposes - just for letting the artist know that his/her work is admired. We also ask that the artisans who display their work be available to chat about their work with interested members of the populace from 15:00 to 16:00.

Please see me after arriving on site on Saturday morning between 10:30 and 11:00 if you plan to display any work. If you have any questions, please email me privately at

Lady Fiona Wiggins
Royal Artisan

Personal tokens given by the populace mean a lot to the artisans, as they know their work is being looked at and appreciated. Personal tokens can be anything from a small bag of spices, buttons, beads, acorns, notes, etc. They don't have to be expensive. It is not mandatory that anyone give tokens or that each artisan receives one. This is up to the discretion of each populace member, including the people hosting the A&S display.

A chatting session for the artisans to talk with the populace and answer questions is beneficial as it allows the populace to find out more information from the artisans.

It is important to stress that documentation not be mandatory. Artisans can bring information that they have collected or written about their project but it is not mandatory. Small pieces of paper and writing utensils can be provided for artisans to write down basic information or even just their name if they wish.

It can make the day easier if two people are running the display. This would ensure that there is always a person manning the tables, watching the A&S items and answering questions.

The person running the A&S display needs only to provide information about the display, a table for the exhibit, a small sign announcing that the table is for the display, paper and writing utensil for the exhibit. Tablecloths are a nice addition as it dresses up the area a bit. A public "thank-you" to all artisans who brought A&S items and populace members who gave tokens during feast, court or some other feasible time is another way to recognize the artisans and bring them more public notice.

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