All local and regional Chroniclers should provide a quarterly report.  The report should contain all of the information listed below, plus any other information that is relevant.

Chroniclers in affiliate organisations should still submit reports, but do not need to include financial information.

The reports are due at the standard Kingdom deadlines:

  • 1st Quarter - 25 April
  • 2nd Quarter - 25 July
  • 3rd Quarter - 25 October
  • 4th Quarter - 25 January (Domesday report)

In case you don't report your newsletter's finances monthly, you have the option to do a full year financial report to the Chronicler when Domesday report is due. All groups, even the ones that report finances during the year, have to provide the Kingdom Chronicler with a yearly financial report!

Report Template

You may email the Chronicler with the information below, or you can download and fill in the blank quarterly report form in Word.

  • Name of publication:
  • Group:
  • SCA name of Chronicler:
  • Modern name of Chronicler:
  • Chronicler's address:
  • Chronicler's phone number:
  • Chronicler's e-mail address:
  • Chronicler's membership number and date it expires:
  • Chronicler's end of office warrant: (You need to be warranted as chronicler. Usually you get warranted to hold the office for one or two years.)
  • How many issues of the newsletter has been published since the last report and how many pages did they contain?
  • What format does the newsletter have? (A5, A4, US letter etc.)
  • To whom have the complimentary issues been sent?
  • How is the newsletter financed?
  • The state of finances:
  • Have you encountered any problems?
  • Have you had any successes?
  • Anything you need to get help with relating the office?
  • Do your group have a website?
  • Any thing else that you need to report or that you want to talk to me about?

For regional Chroniclers (Principality, Crown Principality, Barony):

  • What newsletters exist within your area?
  • How are they doing?
  • Have they needed any help/support from you?
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