The Dragon’s Tale

The Dragon’s Tale is the official kingdom newsletter of the Kingdom of Drachenwald and is published monthly, available online and by post to subscribing members. The newsletter is the official source for all Kingdom business, such as

  • changes to law
  • Royal proclamations
  • communications from the Crown and Kingdom Officers
  • event announcements

It also contains the official contact list for Kingdom Officers and local seneschals. In addition to the above, the newsletter also publishes court reports, the results of heraldic submissions and articles on matters of interest to SCA folk.


Subscriptions are only available to SCA Inc members and SCA affiliate members.

SCA Inc membership (and access to the newsletter): SCA Member Services

For those receiving paper copies, these are typically posted around the 20th of the month before the month of issue. If you have not received your newsletter by the 1st of the month, contact the Chronicler. Paper copies going to APO addresses may take longer.

Change of Address

Your subscription to Dragon’s Tale uses your membership postal or email address. So to change your address, you need to update your membership information, either via SCA Inc member services or through your local affiliate. Do not send address changes to the Chronicler.

Submissions to the Dragon’s Tale

Contributions of articles, poems, quizzes, crosswords, artwork, photographs, etc for publication in the Dragon’s Tale are always welcome.

If you have an idea for a contribution, please contact the Chronicler to see if it would be appropriate.

See Guidelines for Contributors

Contributions of original material require a permission form:

Advertising in the Dragon’s Tale

You can publish advertising for events, products and services of interest to SCA members in the Dragon’s Tale, subject to space being available.

Send advertising copy in the same formats as other contributions plus PDF. Payment required in advance:

Advert size Single issue 3 or more issues
Full Page £30 £25 (per issue)
Half Page £15 £12 (per issue)  
Quarter Page £10 £8 (per issue)

Classified ads are charged at £2 per 100 words

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