One group that is particularly challenging to deal with is teenagers whose parents are not in the SCA. They are too young to fight or marshal, yet too old for "children's activities". Often, parents are concerned about the type of group that their son/daughter is getting involved with. Here are a few suggestions that can help to keep all concerned happy: parents, teenagers, and the SCA members.

  1. Invite the teenager's parents to join him/her. Make sure the parents know they can visit any time they want, even if they choose not to join. This lets the parent know there is nothing secretive going on with their child.
  2. Have a meeting, perhaps at a member's house, to explain the SCA to the teenager and the parents. Stress the educational aspects and the things that the teenager can do.
  3. Make a packet for teenagers and their parents. Include the rules for minors, and a list of things that they can and cannot do, and a written invitation to the parents to come join in the fun. You may also include the things listed in the early section on new members packets.
  4. Make sure you know all the rules pertaining to minors: waivers needed, medical release forms, age restrictions for activities, etc. Be sure the parents know these rules, also.
  5. Never break the rules to keep the teenager interested. Under-aged teenagers cannot fight at any event or on any property that is being rented, leased, or borrowed in the name of the SCA, in Drachenwald. No exceptions. If children do not want to participate unless they can do restricted activities, inform them that you look forward to their return to the SCA when they come of age.
  6. Introduce the teenager to other teenagers who are functioning well in the SCA. Also, introduce the teenager to an adult with similar interests.
  7. Form a guild specially for people in this age range. For example, a drum corps could be formed to lead troops to battle. (Of course they must leave the field when the battle begins.) A teen choir could be organised for feast entertainment (this obviously depends on the number and willingness of the members involved!) Teenagers could be in charge of organising a mid-day snack for the King and Queen.
  8. Have things for the teenagers to do at events. Then, ask them to participate. (They may need a bit of encouraging.) For examples, they can:
    - help run the children's activities;

    - help serve feast;
    - be a page;
    - help cook a meal;
    - play games such as bocce;
    - be a water bearer (with supervision);
    - participate in arts and sciences activities;
    - attend classes;
    - help decorate/set-up before an event;
    - help clean-up after an event;
    - participate in a quest;
    - entertain at a feast.

    Older teenagers can:

    - fight or practice fighting or authorise;
    - be a scout;
    - be a water bearer (without supervision);
    - be a target archer;
    - be a combat archer;
    - help with crowd control at a demo.

The rules for older teenagers participation do occassionally change, so it is best to check with the local or Kingdom officer in charge of the activity, before the teenager starts any of the restricted activities.

Please remember: many of these restrictions vary from kingdom to kingdom. You must follow the rules of the kingdom which you are in, as well as the rules of Drachenwald. If the rules conflict, follow the stricter rule, or talk to someone in charge at the event or activity.

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