The Kingdom Chatelaine must report every quarter to the Kingdom Seneschal as detailed in the Kingdom of Drachenwald Great Book of Laws section 5.03.4 and To make that report accurately for the entire Kingdom the Kingdom Chatelaine needs to have reports from the Regional Chatelaines who in turn collect information from the Local Branch Chatelaines.

Reporting Deadlines
The Kingdom Chatelaine must submit the report to the Kingdom Seneschal by the 25th: April, July, October and January (Domesday Report) and therefore needs to have the Regional Chatelaine reports by the 18th of the relevant month, and in turn the Local Branch Chatelaines reports need to be with the Regionals by 11th of the relevant month. Regional Chatelaines who are responsible for Principalities or Crown Principalities should also send their reports to the Seneschal of their region.


Local Branch Chatelaines
The report from a Local Branch Chatelaine must give
- the contact details for the office-holder (Mundane name, SCA name, email)
- a summarise of the activities for the quarter. It is especially useful to include details and results of any demos and advertising, number of new people attending meetings or events, how people are getting in contact with the Chatelaine or Local Branch and any publicity gained. It is also useful to advise of any particular problems that have arisen. The report should be sent to the Regional Chatelaine by email.

Regional Chatelaines
The report from a Regional Chatelaine must give
- the contact details for the office-holder and any deputies (Mundane name, SCA name, official Regional Chatelaine email)
- the names of the local groups in your area
- a short summarise of the activities of Chatelaines in the region for the quarter and advise of any non-reporting chatelaine.
- It should also include relevant activities and contacts at Regional level.
- Submit your report to Kingdom Chatelaine by the 18th of April, July, October and January (Domesday Report)

Principality Chatelaines
Any regional Chatelaine who is also a Principality or Crown Principality Chatelaine must also send a copy of their report to the Principality or Crown Principality Seneschal.

Chatelaines-at-Large do not report quarterly but should keep in contact with the Kingdom Chatelaine and advise him of their activities when appropriate.

Warranting of Chatelaines
Regional and Branch Chatelaines will not be warranted until they have sent in at least one quarterly report.

Requirement to Report
Warranted Chatelaines with the exception of Chatelaines-at-Large are required to report quarterly and any Chatelaine who fails to submit a report for 2 quarters consecutively will be deemed to have resigned.

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