As mentioned above, a way to help new people feel comfortable in the SCA is to give them a New Members Packet. This could include such things as:

  • a welcome letter from the seneschal or chatelain,
  • a local membership/phone or e-mail list,
  • a list of SCA terms and definitions,
  • a local newsletter,
  • an article on developing a persona,
  • a list of who to contact for information on various arts and sciences,
  • a list of SCA publications, (as in the back of Tournaments Illuminated) and how to obtain them.
  • basic information on heraldry,
  • an article on fighting: authorising, the honour system, holds, melees, marshals, etc.
  • a membership form, and
  • how to make basic garb, and where to get the materials inexpensively.
  • You can tailor the packet to suit the activities of your group; for example, if your group has a dance guild, you could add a list of dance terms and information on when and where the guild meets. Make sure to include some information that is relevant to the SCA in general, as well as information that is particular to your group.
    Chatelains can get free handouts from the Registry. You may request a six-month supply (take a guess at how many you may use in that time) of: membership forms, "Welcome to the Current Middle Ages"; maps, and Stock Clerk Forms. These things can be included in the New Members Packet, too.
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