This is a very important part of the Chatelain's job. If the new people
are not accepted, hey probably will not stay in the group. Here are a few
ideas on helping your group to accept new members:

  1. Have a populace meeting before recruiting, and make sure the populace
    is willing to help the new people. Encourage everyone to talk to the new
  2. Print up a range of suggestions for established members on how to help
    newcomers stick around. Include ideas such as:
    - If you see someone you do not know, go up and say HELLO!
    - Introduce the new person to other people.
    - Offer to explain what is going on.

    - Find out what the new person is interested in.
    - Help the person get involved.

  3. Ask for volunteers to be "buddies" to the new people for a little
  4. Once new people arrive, plan activities that will encourage the
    interaction of the old and new members.
  5. Put up a written introduction in the local newsletter, to introduce
    the new person to the populace. Also include some contact information
    (remember to get permission of the new person first). This gives the
    populace an extra connection with the new person.
  6. Ask established members what helped them to feel welcome when they
    were new to the SCA. This may give you ideas, and it helps remind the
    established members what it is like to be new.
    Retaining new members cannot be a one person job. Simply talking about it
    may help the populace to realise how important it is to make the new
    people feel welcome.
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