Below is an outline for an orientation meeting. Feel free to adjust it according to your needs. It will work better if it is shaped to meet the interests of your new people, the personality of your local group, and those things that you feel comfortable telling new people about. As impossible as it may seem, be very careful not to overwhelm your audience.

What is the SCA?
* Not for profit
* Educational organisation
* Studies the culture and technology of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (to 1600)
* Known World
* Approximately X members.

* 1966 Berkeley, California.
* As it grew, it was divided into different kingdoms.

* Drachenwald
o Europe, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Russia.
o Approximately 600 paid members.
* Organisation
o King and Queen
o Crown tourney: Prince and Princess for two to four months and then King and Queen for six months (in most kingdoms).
o Kingdom Officers
* Baronies
o Group of 25 or more with lots of activities
o Baron and Baroness
o Officers
* Shires
o Smaller and/or less active
o Seneschal and other officers

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