This is Drachenwald - highlighting writing and photos from around the Kingdom
2019-04-29 webartificers

The web artificers are delighted to announce a new website feature, developed by Yda van Boulogne: a collection of blog posts and photos from around the Kingdom, called This Is Drachenwald.


Building on 20 years of work
2019-04-19 webartificers

It’s three weeks since the launch of the new site, and the changes haven’t stopped. We’ve been busy, and so have you. We’re really thrilled with the contributions, corrections, and feedback. And we’ve also been working on the things that need to happen post-launch to make sure everything goes smoothly into the future. We’d like to tell you about some of these things.


Serving newcomers and existing members: about the Drachenwald website, AS 53
2019-04-04 webartificers

At Spring Crown tourney weekend AS53 (2019), the kingdom web artificers spent a day pulling together the last of the content needed 'for launch', and published to We're pleased with the reception so far, and have plans to make it better.


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