Too long; didn’t read: mailing lists are broken, fix might take a few weeks.

As part of the email migration we’ve started to dismantle the old forwarding system. This has had the unfortunate side effect of breaking the mailing lists. We have a plan for replacing the mailings lists with google groups on the Drachenwald Google Workspace. We’ll move that plan forward and start working on it as soon as we can in volunteering time.

Unfortunately there are 2 parts of the email migration which have higher priority as two of our branches will loose access to email on June 27th, and we are helping them safeguard their email and information first. Therefore it might take up to a few weeks to fully migrate all mailing lists. If you have a mailing list on and you have urgent reasons why it needs to be migrated please feel free to send me a message on and we can talk about alternatives.

(please forward this message onto other channels, as without the mailing list I don’t have a convenient way to reach people not on facebook)

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