Greetings from Drachenwald Law Council!

Please give feedback on the new draft law proposals

The Drachenwald Law Council has published new draft law proposals for your commentary! These draft proposals cover Drachenwald law sections 6, 11.02.1, 13.08 and 5.06.13.

These proposed Drachenwald law changes continue gender neutral changes in Section 6, Section 11 and 13. Officer requirements for all branch levels are more well defined in section 6.04.1. There is also a proposal to move the Social Media office from the Kingdom Web minister to Kingdom Seneschal.

Please provide your feedback on the draft proposals no later than on Tue 28 Dec 2021, using the web form at the end of the proposal page on the kingdom website

In our new legislative process everyone gets to comment on the proposals while they are still in the preparation phase. The received feedback will be considered by the Law Council when preparing each proposal to be recommended to Crown.

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