Call to Curia at Twelfth Night
2019-11-12 curia

Their Majesties Vitus and Isabel, give notice that they intend to hold a Curia Regis, at 12th Night Coronation held in the Barony of Aarnimetsa╠ł on Saturday 4th January at 9:00am.


Letters of Intent for Crown Tournament
2019-08-25 tourney

Autumn approaches, and with it our next Crown Tourney. The Drachenwald Seneschal has announced that the time has come for those who wish to compete to send letters of intent.


How we communicate in the SCA
2019-08-10 webartificers

In early June, I circulated a three-question survey (with four questions) about how we communicate in the SCA. It was short, so as to get lots of answers; at the last count, it had 151.


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