I’m excited to share that the Drachenwald Book of Ceremonies has a new technical format! The “foremost” version is now a website https://ceremonies.drachenwald.sca.org/ where each ceremony can be seen on its own page.

The entire Book can be printed out or downloaded as a PDF with regular or large print. This differs from the previous system so that the print and PDF versions are automatically generated from the markdown instead of a person manually generating the PDF.

We’re hoping that the Book of Ceremonies will now be easier to update as well as convenient to use both as a print version and for tailoring ceremonies.

The contents have not been updated yet, but during May I will go through the Book and update as needed. Indeed, when you spot something outdated, erroneous or lacking, now is the perfect time for sending me an email about it at herald@drachenwald.sca.org and I will also be grateful for feedback on the new format.

Huge thanks to our brilliant web artificers Lady Yda van Boulogne for the markdown conversion (from earlier PDF) and Dame Sela de la Rosa for this new split format and automatic PDF generating! Drachenwald College of Heralds is in your debt, and happy about it.

Yours in Service, Memorantia Schwarzdrachen

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