King & Queen The Heirs Landed Nobility Drachenwald Succession

Their Royal Highnesses
The Heirs of Drachenwald

Krake (he / him) Beatrix de Lyme Regis (she/any)
Their highnesses chamberlain: Gele Pechplumin,
About the prince About the princess
Lives in Nordmark and is looking forward to visiting as much as possible of the Kingdom. Spend most of my time talking, but I enjoy textile crafting as I speak.
His Highness is interested in:
Fighting, textile crafts, camp life
Her Highness is interested in:
Theatre, textile crafts
His Highness likes:
Physical activities, seeing people succeed
Her Highness likes:
Spending time with friends on a blanket, acting, watching performers, learning new things
His Highness dislikes:
Bad stuff
Her Highness dislikes:
Bullying and unpleasantness, too much sun, being hungry
Please feed His Highness:
Proteins, Italian, bbq, whatever. Things with bubbles
Please feed Her Highness:
Cheese, salty snacks, port
Please do not feed His Highness:
Please do not feed Her Highness:
celery, strawberries, super hot foods
His Highness has the following food restrictions:
Her Highness has the following food restrictions:
None, but good vegan food makes me happy
His Highness would like events to feature:
Something that involves games, preferly rattan but I like to play all kinds of games.
Her Highness would like events to feature:
A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all
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