King & Queen The Heirs Landed Nobility Drachenwald Succession

Their Royal Highnesses
The Heirs of Drachenwald

Prince William of Richwood (he / him) Princess Isabetta del Verde (she/her)
About the prince
William started out as a 12th century Normand and later found a new place in the late 15th century, occationally returning to the earlier times. Over the years he has tried most of the activities the society engages in but those that have been given most time are heavy fighting and crafts, textile and other.
About the princess
Isabetta originates in a lush green part of northern Italy, not far from the mediteranean coast. She lived there in the mid-late 15th to early 16th century moving between Venice, Florence and the small town of Portofino. Her pastimes include sewing, handicrafts, baking and socializing. She is well traveled and has gone on pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.
His Highness is interested in:
Crafts, textile and others. Martial activities. Interkingdom anthropology
Her Highness is interested in:
Sewing, crafts, travelling, helping make SCA experience possible for others
His Highness likes:
The warm and encouraging athmospere that our society can offer. Tasty drinks among friends, new as well as old.
Her Highness likes:
Sitting on a blanket in the sun with new and old friends while sewing/crafting and enjoying cookies/snacks with Port wine or bubbly to drink.
His Highness dislikes:
Traveling with wet armour.
Her Highness dislikes:
Please feed His Highness:
Beef jerky, eggs, pears and coke. Most foods and drinks to be honest.
Please feed Her Highness:
Chocolate, cheese, Port wine, bubbly, Coke zero.
Please do not feed His Highness:
/ Lamb, mutton. rose water, squid.
Please do not feed Her Highness:
Coffee, beer, mustard, rose water.
His Highness has the following food restrictions:
Her Highness has the following food restrictions:
His Highness would like events to feature:
Her Highness would like events to feature:
people having fun.
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