King & Queen The Heirs Landed Nobility Drachenwald Succession

Their Royal Highnesses
The Heirs of Drachenwald

Prince Stigot Eke (he / him) Princess Lofnheithir Halvarsdotter (she/any)
About the prince
His Royal Highness is curious and likes in depth knowledge. He is doing mostly viking at the moment, but fancy many centuries! Last but not least, an intresting discussion is worth a lot!
About the princess
Her Royal Highness likes socializing while doing crafts. She is mostly viking but is interested in all periods; the garments, the art and the different kinds of crafts.
His Highness is interested in:
What's your passion? The crown prince wants to see it!
Her Highness is interested in:
Crafts and learning new things. People. Cooking and baking.
His Highness likes:
Lo. The colour red, combat in any form, braids, jewelry, maps, engravings, coin, seaxes, dane axes, runes, ships, wrestling, rowing, red silkbrocade, pearls, gold, board games, sea horses, horses, dragons, wearwolves and unicorns.
Her Highness likes:
Stigot. The colour blue. Inclusiveness. Singing. Runestones. Dragons, lynxes, sea horses and bats. Shiny stuff. Tools for crafts. The crown princess likes spending time with friends - new and old. She also likes learning new things and teaching the things she knows to others.
His Highness dislikes:
6 o'clock in the morning.
Her Highness dislikes:
When Stigot is hungry. Bullying. Superiority.
Please feed His Highness:
Cheese, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and garlic bread. Black coffee, whisky, rum, gin and wine.
Please feed Her Highness:
Cheese, whisky, meat & fish, fruit & veggies. Garlic bread. Spices. Red wine. Bubbly!
Please do not feed His Highness:
/ Celery in any form. Horse meat. Candy.
Please do not feed Her Highness:
Liver, lentils, baked beans.
His Highness has the following food restrictions:
/ Celery in any form. Horse meat.
Her Highness has the following food restrictions:
His Highness would like events to feature:
You, yes you, who reads this! Bring a friend.
Her Highness would like events to feature:
Performance, board games, arts & science, picnics on blankets.
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