King & Queen The Heirs Landed Nobility Drachenwald Succession

Their Royal Highnesses
The Heirs of Drachenwald

Avery Westfall (he / him) Cornelia Von Distelfeld (she/any)
Their highnesses chamberlain: Catriona of the Ravens:
About the prince
A knight who travelled many lands and met many people before settling back in his home of England, now in Thamesreach
About the princess
Late of Glen Rathlin, Ad Flumen Caerulum and Vielburgen, she currently resides in Knight's Crossing and participates in fencing, archery and equestrian as well as various artistic endeavours.
His Highness is interested in:
Crafts, combat, the consumption of food, drink and song
Her Highness is interested in:
Music, learning new skills, and good documentation.
His Highness likes:
Courtesy, learning, friendship, inclusiveness
Her Highness likes:
Enthusiam & inclusiveness, long evenings
His Highness dislikes:
People getting hurt
Her Highness dislikes:
Excessive competitiveness, early mornings
Please feed His Highness:
Cheese, fruit
Please feed Her Highness:
Cheese, berries, beans, whole grains, extra dark chocolate
Please do not feed His Highness:
Shellfish, brussels sprouts
Please do not feed Her Highness:
Meat & fish, rose water, fennel & aniseed, sugary things
His Highness has the following food restrictions:
Her Highness has the following food restrictions:
His Highness would like events to feature:
Clear directions for newcomers
Her Highness would like events to feature:
Performing arts, equestrian activities, lazy afternoons on picnic blankets
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