King & Queen Landed Nobility Drachenwald Succession

Drachenwald royals reign for six months at a time, being crowned at 12th night in January, and Midsummer in June.

These are the names of those who reigned first over the principality, and then the kingdom, of Drachenwald.

A.S. is Anno Societatis, the Society year, which numbers from 1 May, 1966, the date of The First Tournament.

Princes and Princesses of Drachenwald

I 1980-2 Jahn and Tuiren

II 1981-1 Bearengear and Nige

III 1981-2 David and Catherine

IV 1982-1 Doran and Vincetta

V 1982-2 Raim and Regina

VI 1983-1 Wolf and Caitriona

VII 1983-2 Alexander and Katya

VIII 1984-1 Galen and Kaylitha

IX 1984-2 Raim and Gwynna

X 1985-1 Dafydd and Morgan

XI 1985-2 Richard and Joedda

XII 1986-1 Wulfbrand and Lucilla

XIII 1986-2 Justin and Gyth

XIV 1987-1 Ulric and Eleonora

XV 1987-2 Ivar and Kathleen

XVI 1988-1 Gwenllian and Stefan

XVII 1988-2 Axel and Jeanmaire

XVIII 1989-1 Ian and Charitee

XIX 1989-2 Yoshina and Ivone

XX 1990-1 Bryon and Silesia

XXI 1990-2 Karl and Bettina

XXII 1991-1 Cian and Catherine

XXIII 1991-2 Morgan and Alienor

XXIV 1992-1 Myles and Katharina

XXV 1992-2 Gareth and Idunn

XXVI 1993-1 Karl and Leia

Kings and Queens of Drachenwald

I 1993-2 Elffin and Vanna, A.S. XXVIII

II 1994-1 Morgan and Alienor, A.S. XXVIII

III 1994-2 Wulfric and Eira, A.S. XXIX

IV 1995-1 Timoch and Adelicia, A.S. XXIX

V 1995-2 Michael and Alessandra Melusine, A.S. XXX

VI 1996-1 Garick and Talitha, A.S. XXX

VII 1996-2 Edouard and Eanor, A.S. XXXI

VIII 1997-1 Elffin and Vanna, A.S. XXXI

IX 1997-2 Jurgan and Lilliard, A.S. XXXII

X 1998-1 Matthew and Anna, A.S. XXXII

XI 1998-2 Sven and Thora, A.S. XXXIII

XII 1999-1 Prothall and Cecilia, A.S. XXXIII

XIII 1999-2 Matthew and Anna, A.S. XXXIV

XIV 2000-1 Elffin and Alessandra Melusine, A.S. XXXIV

XV 2000-2 Prothall and Cecilia, A.S. XXXV

XVI 2001-1 Peregrine and Alessandra Melusine, A.S. XXXV

XVII 2001-2 Elffin and Signy, A.S. XXXVI

XVIII 2002-1 Gerhardt and Aurelia, A.S. XXXVI

XIX 2002-2 Giles and EzaBella, A.S. XXXVII

XX 2003-1 Matthew and Alienor, A.S. XXXVII

XXI 2003-2 Marcus and Anna, A.S. XXXVIII

XXII 2004-1 Elffin and Signy, A.S. XXXVIII

XXIII 2004-2 John and Honor, A.S. XXXIX

XXIV 2005-1 Padraig and Elsa, A.S. XXXIX

XXV 2005-2 Cadogan and Eufemia, A.S.XXXX

XXVI 2006-1 Sven and Thora, A.S. XXXX

XXVII 2006-2 Micahel and Moira, A.S. XXXXI

XXVIII 2007-1 Maximilian and Margerite, A.S. XXXXI

XXIX 2007-2 Alaric and Nerissa, A.S. XXXXII

XXX 2008-1 Sven and Jovi, A.S XXXXII

XXXI 2008-2 Thorvaldr and Fiona, A.S XXXXIII

XXXII 2009-1 Marcus and Cecilia, A.S XXXXIII

XXXIII 2009-2 Gerhardt and Judith, A.S XXXXIV

XXXIV 2010-1 ThorvaldR and Fiona, A.S.XLIV

XXXV 2010-2 UlfR and Caoimhe, A.S.XLV

XXXVI 2011-1 Vitus and Eleanora, A.S.XLV

XXXVII 2011-2 Lief and Morrigan, A.S.XLVI

XXXVIII 2012-1 Sven and Siobhan, A.S.XLVI

XXXIX 2012-2 Paul and Aryanhwy, A.S. XLVII

XL 2013-1 ThorvaldR and Tofá, A.S. XLVII

XLI 2013-2 Sven and Siobhán, A.S. XLVIII

XLII 2014-1 Prothall and Cecilia, A.S. XLVIII

XLIII 2014-2 Leif and Morrigan, A.S. XLIX

XLIV 2015-1 Makarius and Izabella, A.S. XLIX

XLV 2015-2 ThorvaldR and Tomoe, A.S. L

XLVI 2016-1 Vitus and Isabel, A.S L

XLVII 2016-2 Morales and Agnes, AS LI

XLVIII 2017-1 William and Isabetta, AS LI

XLIX 2017-2 Siridean and Jahanara, AS LII

L 2018-1 Lief and Morrigan, AS LII

LI 2018-2 Vitus and Isabel, AS LIII

LII 2019-1 William and Isabetta, AS LIII

LIII 2019-2 Vitus and Isabel, AS LIV

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