Thank you to all who took part in Round 1 of the Drachenwald Try-athlon. Some of the entries are shared below.

DrachenwaldTry2 is Period Food Colouring

Our next nominator, Katharina Woinovich, would like us all to TRY medieval food colouring. She has been making violet sugar - look out for her upcoming article in Tournaments Illuminated on the subject. As not everyone will have a ready source of violets, this article includes lots of other documentable period options for colouring your sugar, your subtlety or your decorative egg. Keep scrolling down for the instructions under the article.

If you can’t have eggs, for dietary reasons or because there are no eggs in the shop, this post has lots of other ideas about foods to dye:

Post your results by midnight on March 29, we look forward to seeing them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! There will also be a post in the Facebook group called “DW A&S”.

Full information about the challenge is HERE along with the tutorial for round 1. You can still share twist cord under the #DrachenwaldTry1 hashtag, if you’re joining late and want to complete the full set of 8 things to TRY.

Twist Cords



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