How It Works

Each week a small project or skill will be nominated here to TRY, following freely available online instructions, tutorials, recipes etc.

To take part, share something about your attempt on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #DrachenwaldTry, plus the number for the week. If you’d rather not share it publicly in your own feed, there will also be a weekly post in the DW A&S group on Facebook where you can share in the comments. Share pictures, comments on what went right or wrong etc.

After the deadline, everyone who posted using the hashtag or in the weekly post will be entered into a draw to become the next nominator. A selection of highlights from the hashtag posts will be shared here on the website.

Nominators may propose instructions that they have written themselves or have found helpful. If linking to video instructions, ideally suggest an alternative text version for those who have either technical problems or learning style aversion to video. Choose something accessible enough for beginners and consider what supplies people are likely to have at home if self-isolating. Interpret ‘Arts & Sciences’ widely for this challenge, we hope to see a variety of things to try! The Challenge will go on for 8 weeks. Drop in and out as you wish, but there will be a Roll of Honour and internet badges for those who try all 8.

Friends and strangers from beyond Drachenwald and outside the SCA are welcome to join in.

#DrachenwaldTry1 - Twist cord

Useful for making trim for your garb, academy braids for fencers, cord for attaching seals to scrolls etc

You can use scrap yarn, embroidery threads or even string to try this out.

Follow this video tutorial:

Or these written instructions:

Hard mode: If you’ve done this before or really enjoy it, Signet would appreciate twist cords made in kingdom colours, of 20in length or more, for use with seals!

Post your results by midnight on March 22, we look forward to seeing them!



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