Greetings good people of Drachenwald!

We thank you for your support, your patience and your good humor in these interesting times!

We would like to share some good news in regards to Crown Tournament. Since the tournament event scheduled for April in Ad Flumen Caerulum had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 travel and gathering restrictions, we have been working to find an acceptable alternative. This included communicating with SCA Board of Directors for approval of planning that differed from what has been stipulated in Kingdom law and SCA Corpora regarding Crown Tournaments.

We are pleased to announce that We have been granted approval from the SCA Board to hold Crown Tournament at the Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation event in June, where the victors of the tournament will be crowned on the same day. The event staff for Midsummer Coronation has been part of the planning and is ready to accommodate this combined event.

Those couples who had already been approved to enter Our Crown list are still approved to enter, if they so wish and have Our full support and understanding if competing is not possible. Furthermore, We have decided to accept additional letters of intent for others who would step up to serve this Our glorious kingdom. The deadline for these additional letters of intent will be the same as for any Crown tournament, four weeks before the tournament is to take place, i.e. Friday the 22nd of May. The requirements can be found here:

This new plan will require the support from all of you, the same kind of support that you have shown Us in these recent dark times. We know that Drachenwald will stand strong. We know that Drachenwald can do this and We know that Drachenwald will grow from this.

We thank you all and appreciate your continuing support.

Æríkr, konungur Jacquelyna, drottning



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