Greetings dear populace of Drachenwald!

We have received words from the SCA Board of Directors with recommendations on how to proceed in these troubling times. Most of these precautions have already been taken in Our fair Kingdom as official events throughout April have been cancelled. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that all SCA in-person gatherings, including fighter practices and A&S meetings, should be cancelled or postponed. When possible, these might be moved to online versions of said activities.

We know that events are what we all look forward to most but remember that the Dream does not consist of one single event or even several events. The Dream is you, Our populace, and the will to share knowledge. It is our friendship that can survive long stretches of time without seeing each other. So let’s remember that and work together to find ways to safely meet even though it is at a distance.

Please know that We have frequent meetings with the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Exchequer and will strive to keep you updated with more information about SCA related activities as needed including decisions about holding events and gatherings in May.

We ask you to keep a positive and creative outlook in dealing with the current situation to find new ways of doing what we love!

Æríkr and Jacquelyna, King and Queen



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