The bow is one of the oldest weapons and has been used both for hunting and in warfare for thousands of years.

Drachenwald offers many opportunities to practice the important medieval skill of archery and to take part in competitions in both target and field archery. Lots of events will include opportunities for complete beginners, or those who have tried archery briefly elsewhere, to take part in a shoot. Some events make archery their main focus, with a mixture of training and contests in a variety of fun formats.

There are also opportunities to try throwing weapons, such as axes, knives or spears, at targets.

Some local groups have their own regular archery practices. In other areas people may recommend taking an introductory class at a modern archery club.

Who can take part

Archery is suitable for all ages, genders and sizes. Supervised children can take part, if they can safely draw and shoot a bow and demonstrate that they will pay attention to the marshal. It is possible to do archery seated.


You do not need to own historical archery equipment to shoot in our competitions. Most types of bow are permitted, including long bows, horse bows and modern recurve bows (although cut-out risers must have the openings covered up). Compound bows, stabilisers and other modern accessories such as sights and string-release mechanisms are not allowed.

We use wooden arrows only.

Gloves or finger tabs and wrist protection are highly recommended.

Many groups have loaner bows and arrows available and there are often experienced participants at events who are willing to lend or share their own equipment. Although the range of size, draw weight and handedness may be limited, it is usually possible to find an appropriate bow to let newcomers try archery.

The Drachenwald Company of Archers

All archers in the kingdom can join the Drachenwald Company of Archers and can advance through its ranks by achieving target scores in certain competitions.

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