Court reports

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-5-3
This is a court report for Flaming Arrow. Flaming Arrow was organised by Glen Rathlin. read more

Fish, Foraging,and greens

The Irish Ages on 2023-4-29
One asks what fish, foraging and greens have in common. In my case it’s experimental archaeology for cooking, making sure ingredients work well together, In the hedgerows it is the season of greens, wild garlic, Alexander’s and jack o mustard as we read more

Menadach, wild garlic, beef and Juniper berries gravy

The Irish Ages on 2023-4-17
Beef with juniper gravy This Sundays experiments, getting ready for an Irish feast in July. The story Aisling Meic coinne Glinn speaks of beef meat soup with purple berries. So as already mentioned previously have experiment with blackberries, now read more

The early years of book printing

The lazy reenactor girl on 2023-4-15
Relief printing, or xylography, is printing using raised surfaces and originated in Asia. They used woodblocks and moveable cut characters. Blockprinting then moved closer to Europe and in the early 14th century, it was used for printing on read more

My husband's silk tunicella

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2023-4-14
 Well, it only took 17 years, but now it is finished for real. I had such great plans, then I made do with something less, and then in  autumn 2019 I decided to cheat and use machine embroidery instead of hand embroidery and cast bronze plaques. read more

Herb season, growing season

The Irish Ages on 2023-4-12
It’s cleanup herb season in my house, all the pots need redoing, fresh soil, dividing herbs for another garden. Ongoing for last few weeks, due to bad weather actually took time to do some reading about herbs. Divisions for other garden and read more

Another Italian late 13th-early 14th century gown

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2023-4-10
I found this blue wool at a charity shop this winter. It hibernated a while in my wool cupboard, before I could make up my mind about what to make from it. But in the end: who doesn't need another (very) high waisted Italian gown from c. 1300? (Read read more

11th century sprang belt from Latvia

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2023-4-9
When scrolling the internet for sprang they turn up, small pieces of information about the 11th century sprang belts of Latvia. Its written about four pieces but during excavations pieces from so many as 20 belts has been found. But information read more

Provisional financial policy

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-4-9
For some time, the finance policy of Insulae Draconis and its branches has needed an overhaul. With the sterling help of Viscountess Valda as outgoing Exchequer, and Mistress Mary, the current ID Exchequer, we went through the old policy, discarded read more

The origin of the Ormþing

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-4-8
In the Principality of Insulae Draconis, there was once a mysterious and legendary gathering known only as “Rhag-Lan.” However, few knew the true name of this gathering, for it was shrouded in secrecy and protected by ancient tradition. Even so, the read more

So just when is Easter?

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-4-7
The Christian festival of Easter, which celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is celebrated at some point in March or April. As the date varies, it is what is termed a ‘moveable feast’. In Period there were a number of different read more

Court reports

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-4-6
This is a court report for Autumn Crown Tourney 2022. Autumn Crown Tourney 2022 was organised by Depedene under Wychwood. read more



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