Will of Arthure Huckvale - Wigginton, Oxfordshire - 1643

Gesta Nicholai on 2020-10-4
The will of Arthur Huckvale (c.1560-1634) of Wigginton, Oxfordshire, Gentleman, husband to Alecia ex Bruce nee Stratford, step-father to William and Abigail Bruce (married to Nicholas Austen). He is not a direct ancestor and appears to have had no read more

Will of Christopher Huckvalle - Overnorton, Oxfordshire - 1577

Gesta Nicholai on 2020-10-1
The will of Christopher Huckvalle (-July 1577) of Over Norton, Oxfordshire, Gentleman. He is my 11th great-grandfather. Transcribed by myself.Source: Oxfordshire Wills Index 1516-1857; 185.468; Oxfordshire ArchivesRegistered Will:                read more

Unser neues Baronenpaar

Knights Crossing on 2020-9-29
William und Katherina sind auf dem Knight’s Crossing Reconciliatio zu Baron und Baronin gekrönt worden. Um Euch unsere neuen Regenten vorzustellen, wird demnächst ein Newsletter mit vielen spannenden Inhalten erscheinen. Bleibt dran! Der Beitrag read more

Will of Roberte Huckvale - Oxford, Oxfordshire - 1553

Gesta Nicholai on 2020-9-26
 The will of Roberte Huckvale (-c.1555) of Oxford, Oxfordshire, husband to Elynore nee Carycke, father to Christophere and Dorothie (married to Wyllyam Bucknore), Gentleman. He is my 12th great-grandfather. Transcribed by myself.Source: read more

Solution Saturday: Bulrebecca

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2020-9-26
Every Saturday, we will revisit one of our Mystery Monday names that we have solved. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed their knowledge and expertise, whether commenting here or on twitter or via email. You’ve all helped solve a read more

Notes from a camping weekend

Magdalena's kitchen on 2020-9-24
 I don't expect this post to make much sense to anyone but me really. So continue if you want a peek inside my head.This last weekend was my first 'camping on my own' experience since the divorce. I had One event where I borrowed a pavilion that was read more

Medieval eating and serving utensils - thrift store edition

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2020-9-24
Unlike when I started playing in the SCA, an later in the Swedish group Nordrike, in the 1990s (and now I am back again in the SCA), you can nowadays get replicas of virtually any type of plate, glass, pot, dish etc that you want, from different read more

Åka på lajv del 1: Lajv och spelteknik

Handcrafted History on 2020-9-19
Det här är en post som handlar om lajv, olika sätt att lajva på och hur du bygger ett roligt och dynamiskt spel på ett lajv som gör att alla har roligt. Jag skriver främst utifrån min erfarenhet av historiskt … Continue reading → read more

Åka på lajv del 2: Praktiska tips och packning

Handcrafted History on 2020-9-15
Förra gången skrev jag om spelteknik och nu tänkte jag bli mer praktisk genom att skriva om själva packningen, och allt du behöver ha med dig. 360 graderslajvande (den vanligaste typen av lajvande i Sverige?) innebär att du både omger … Continue read more

Haube with blackwork, needlelace and spangles.

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-9-14
The medieval tradition of covering the hair with a haube, a hood, as a sign of marital status continued during the 16th century. In the first years of the century the headwear was quite plain, mostly just white linen. But smaller embroidered ribbons read more



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