all the things is really rather a lot

Kareina's observations on 2023-1-4
We are on the team running Drachenwald's 12th Night Coronation this weekend, which means we have been busy. He's in charge of the kitchen, and I am doing all the spreadsheets, including trying to match up all the people who need to borrow bedding read more

A very northern feast

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-4
The forests here in the north are a rich and plentiful source of food, if one knows where and when to look. Our kitchen crew has spent many hours in the forest, in the right season, gathering food to share Read more… read more

Travelers from across the Kingdom

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-3
This year’s Drachenwald Coronation is not only the largest SCA event to be held north of Gyllengran, it also brings visitors from more locations across the Kingdom than have previously gathered here at one time. With many thanks to Botulf Read more… read more

From the Chronicler

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-1-3
I'd like to congratulate TWO contributors who won William Blackfox awards this year read more

Announcing Edition 2023!

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2023-1-2
Well, it’s been quite the quiet year at DMNES central! We’ve had other projects that have taken higher priority over the last year, so work on the dictionary has mostly been bits and bobs in the backend of things. Most of our attention has been read more

From the Seneschal

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-1-2
Happy New Year to you all, may 2023 bring new opportunities, see you at Coronet! read more

What is in the area?

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2023-1-1
In the immediate area around the event site we have a variety of services. The attached map shows: A. the site location (Rotan; parking in the parking lot adjacent to the building), B. The crash space hall (Folketshus), C. The Read more… read more

Welcome to 2023

Magdalena's kitchen on 2023-1-1
 I really should write more often. I just don't often think about it, maybe that will be my push in the new year, at least once a month should be doable, right?Anyway 2022 is wrapped up. I always think 'I haven't really done much' but if I look at read more

From their Highnesses

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-1-1
Unto the populace of Insulae Draconis do Euphrosyne & Ranulf send peace and warm greetings. read more

A red early 14th century italian wool gown

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2022-12-31
I don't blog much these days. I tend to make things, rather than write about them. And often I am too tired to do much more than post photos on Instagram. After all, I did start my webpage in 2000, so there have been many years of writing about my read more

Nordmarks Furstetornering 3-5 mars, 2023

Aros on 2022-12-30
Ett evenemang ordnat av Löghammar, sponsrat av Aros. Kampen om Nordmarks kronor står åter igen på schemat! Läs mer om evenemanget på facebook eventet: Arrangörsteam Huvudautokrat: Felicitas read more

Golden gown with flowers

Handcrafted History on 2022-12-19
18th century ball gown in silk taffeta, embroidered with sage green wines and leaves in silk thread. This is one of my latest projects I have been working on, and I wanted to post it here as part dress-diary and … Continue reading → read more

Sir Gawain’s Green Belt Part 3

Flintheath A&S on 2022-12-15
For the final stage of my Golden Egg project (see Part 1 in the Baelfyr AS LVI 29(3) and at and Part 2 in the Baelfyr AS LVI 29(6) and at, it was time to read more

Glass bead workshop at Yule Ball

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2022-12-13
This post will be a sort of round up of information to support the hands on workshop experience at Yule Ball this weekend just gone. I want to say thanks to everyone who came along because everyone did a fantastic job and gave me more back than I read more



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