Summer adventures

Handcrafted History on 2022-7-31
Hi there! If you know me, you know I am travelling and living my medieval/viking adventure life right now, and both blog and social media conversations are running low. If you are new- welcome here! I will not leave you … Continue reading → read more

Getting ready for more ink making

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2022-7-28
There has been much much embarrassed clearing of throat after uncontrollable maniacal laughing in my house…. No, not really, but I am hugely enjoying finding myself back into pigment and ink making mode. I did find that the oak galls were harder read more

I can't teach

Magdalena's kitchen on 2022-7-27
 This is a phrase that I think many of us have said to or about ourselves and I think I have had an epiphany about it, much in the same way I had one about 'I can't art'.First what is teaching? What is the first thing that pops into your head? read more

Hawthorn Ink

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2022-7-25
I was all excited when I discovered hawthorn Ink was made in period thinking it was possibly the berries I’d need to use. When I looked it up I actually remembered that I had seen it before and had registered too late, then as now, that the ink is read more

Rekryteringskampanj under Medeltidsveckan

Nordmark Blog on 2022-7-21
Furstendömet Nordmark planerar för ett rekryteringskampanj under MTV i år. Vi söker nu frivilliga som vill vara med och jobba under veckan, framför allt söndag, torsdag och söndag 11 – 19. Meddela till Vi vill också ha read more

Fennel in Bartolomeo Scappi

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2022-7-19
I was doing the staring out the kitchen window, not really thinking about anything, waiting for the kettle to finish boiling and vaguely admiring my mini herb bed. The fennel went a bit more mad than I was expecting – which is good to know for my read more



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