In Praise of Sheep

Culina vetus on 2024-5-11
Today, it’s another of the König vom Odenwald’s poems: VI This is a poem of sheepNobody shall criticise it muchI have invented a poemA lady has brought me to do itShe has a noble husbandI shall not name her unless … Continue reading → read more

Stockfish Pastry

Culina vetus on 2024-5-10
A short recipe today: It’s three days of school holidays around Ascension Day here and I’m spoiling my son rotten, which is much harder work than work. Anyways, from the recipe collection of Philippine Welser: 81 To make stockfish pastry … Continue read more

Carp in Pastry

Culina vetus on 2024-5-7
A recipe in two variations that I may try come winter, from Philippine Welser’s recipe collection. 79 If you want to make a fish pastry Take a fish, be it a carp or another kind, scale it and next cut … Continue reading → read more

On Beards and Table Manners

Culina vetus on 2024-5-5
This poem by the König vom Odenwald has got to be the longest-winded lesson in table manners I have ever seen. VII Of the long beards of peoplethat they wear nowadays for ten reasonsHear of the rare talesThat I will … Continue reading → read more

Iron Water

Lidian Dyers Association - SCA Dyers of Lough Devnaree and beyond on 2024-4-30
If you want consistent, repeatable colors when modifying your natural dyeing with iron, iron water is not the thing to use. Move along and search online for a recipe to make an iron acetate mordant for anything that requires measurable results. read more

Bustāniyya & Mis̲h̲mis̲h̲iyya

The Joy of Seax on 2024-4-29
There was a practice day run by Master Agnes Boncuer in the Scout Hall in Clara the weekend just gone, courtesy of the good offices of THL Órlaith Caomhánach, and I took the opportunity to try out a couple of recipes on people. Both of these I’ve read more

Meeting cancelled!

Nagonstans i Nordmark on 2024-4-27
Spring is here. So is everything else. Have to adult. No episode today, sorry! read more

settling into the current routine

Kareina's observations on 2024-4-25
 My current schedule is: Weekdays, wake with Keldor just after 05:00, and keep him company in person as we get ready, then on the phone as he does the half hour drive to work, usually arriving around 06:00. Just before 06:00 I hop on my new electric read more

Social Media And the SCA

Orlaith Chaomhanach on 2024-4-23
When I joined the SCA (fadó, fadó) I tried to resist joining Facebook. I found loads of information about the SCA online on SCA websites, and so much really useful stuff on Stefan’s Florilegium and a wonderful selection of SCA blogs all over the read more

Irish Food History: A Companion

The Joy of Seax on 2024-4-21
I haven’t had much time to look at what’s been done in academia around Irish Food History for a couple of years. I made some time for it this weekend, and discovered that Irish Food History: A Companion was part-published in 2023, and the first four read more

The Annals of Connacht

The Irish Ages on 2024-4-20
This week, book of interest, is the Annals of Connacht dealing with moments in time from the 13 th century to the 16 th of century. Why works in the SCA /reenactment on many fronts. If you want an Irish persona, Gaelic, the Annals are proper place read more

Iṭriya (meat dish with dried noodles)

The Joy of Seax on 2024-4-20
Iṭriya (meat dish with dried noodles)Iṭriya is recipe 86 in the Kanz; page 130 in Nawal Nasrallah’s translation, which is the version I’m using. I’ve cooked this a few times now; a couple of times for Dun in Mara Arts & Science Days, and once for read more

History with Flintheath

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2024-4-20
Originally posted 14th March 2024 Childbirth in the middle ages was a dangerous business; pregnant women were advised to make their confessions before they went into labour just in case. However, this did not mean that women at the time were read more



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