12th Night Coronation Donation Derby

Knights Crossing on 2023-11-20
🇩🇪Deutsch unten 🇩🇪 At 12th Night Coronation there will be a largesse Donation Derby, with a focus on items for children! To participate: -Create 10 largesse items suitable for children -label each item with your name and your local branch -include a read more

The newest project: Feast at in person KU

Magdalena's kitchen on 2023-11-18
November 10-12 2023 finds Drachenwald's Kingdom University being held in the lands of Knights Crossing. We have a lovely site that will hopefully give us everything we need. The staff is a fabulous blend from every region of the kingdom! I do mean read more

Virtues with beer: courage

The lazy reenactor girl on 2023-11-18
A while back, a friend gifted me a bunch of homemade brews named with the theme of knightly virtues. The beers where quite tasty, and my plan was always to drink them and think a little about the virtue of the moment. The beers are gone, but here read more

Upcoming Activities

Knights Crossing on 2023-11-14
📅November 15, 7:00pm: SCA-Bastelabend auf Deutsch!https://meet.jit.si/SCA-BastelabendEin Online-Jitsi-Treffen, bei dem Menschen an ihren Projekten arbeiten und alles rund um SCA diskutieren können, komplett auf Deutsch. 📅November 22: Museum Walk & read more

Upcoming events and activities

Knights Crossing on 2023-11-7
📅November 10-12: Kingdom University hosted by Knight’s Crossing (Münchsteinach, Germany)https://ku2023.drachenwald.sca.org/This University event is going to have classes for many different topics! Event registration is open and teacher sign-up is read more

The Writt and Reccord

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-11-7
The letter this month is a companion to the letter from Richard senior last month, and was written to George on the same day. Richard describes his trip to the Cotswolds and his purchase pf fells, although his total his 500 less than the one his read more

History with Flintheath

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-11-6
Originally posted 19th October 2023 Alessandro de Medici - known as il Moro (the Black) for his dark complexion - was the first hereditary duke of Florence, nominated to the position by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V following his invasion of read more

Yule Ball - important info

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-11-5
Important Message for all Yule Ball 2023 Attendees Greetings from Eularia Trewe, Yule Ball Reservations Steward - please read carefully for updated Yule Ball information . . . MEMBERSHIP STATUS FOR ALL ATTENDEES REQUIRED: Insulae Draconis has new read more

Book of hours: November

The lazy reenactor girl on 2023-11-4
My new series of Book of hours calendar activities-posts is now up an running! Each month, I’ll present a bunch of illustrations from different volumes that I’ve found that has a calendar section with images. A bunch of the different books has the read more

Court reports

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-11-4
This is a court report for Michaelmas. Insulae Draconis court was held by Alexandre at Eularia This court report is for court on 6 Oct 2023, it’s identified as Saturday Evening Court. Court report filed by: Presiding Royalty, Eularia Trewe Zeva of read more

From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-11-3
Greetings My Lords, Ladies and Gentle Nobles The first year of my term in Office has been extraordinarily busy and has flown by in a blink of an eye. It has been my privilege and honour to discover not only how immensely talented each of you are, read more

From the Seneschal

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-11-2
It has been reporting season again, that interminable hallmark of the SCA that builds character, strengthens the eye-rolling muscles and causes tuts throughout the land. This has allowed reporting to garner a legendary reputation for being a pain in read more

Working class...or?

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2023-11-1
When I posted about my kirtle for the working class outfit I talked about the gown for that same outfit, a garment I was still working on. Read about that here. And it was finished in time for medieval week. But...I realized its to fancy when it read more

From their Highnesses

The Insulae Draconis Baelfyr on 2023-11-1
Salvete Insulae Draconis! This will be our last letter as Princess and Prince. By the time the next Baelfyr is sent out, our heirs will have been found and invested. The names of those competing are listed at the bottom of this missive and two of read more

a swedish blog post I wrote

Kareina's observations on 2023-10-30
 If you want to read my summary of everyone who helped me run Oktoberfest this weekend, and what they did, in Swedish (but the google translate version is pretty good), and see a couple of photos from it, it is available on line on Frostheim's read more

Upcoming Activities

Knights Crossing on 2023-10-30
📅November 1, 7:00pm: SCA-Bastelabend auf Deutsch!https://meet.jit.si/SCA-BastelabendEin Online-Jitsi-Treffen, bei dem Menschen an ihren Projekten arbeiten und alles rund um SCA diskutieren können, komplett auf Deutsch. 📅November 4: Picnic & Practice read more

Still cooking

The Irish Ages on 2023-10-27
A little bit of this and a little bit of that, trying out the recipe, still trying out recipes with the view that it can be referenced in Ireland whether it’s Gaelic , Anglo Norman in Ireland, Vikings, Ecclesiastical, within the Pale of Dublin, read more



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