First project of 2021

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2021-1-2
 And technically the last of 2020, since I cut out the pieces before our New Year's Eve dinner, so that I would have some hand sewing for after dinner.Yes, 20 years after Ingeborg, Arnaut and I, had the idea to have a 13th century Spanish themed read more

Announcing Edition 2020!

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2021-1-1
With about 40 minutes to spare, we did manage to get a new edition out in 2020! 2020 was a tough year for everyone, and things have been alternating really quiet and super productive here at DMNES central. If there’s one thing that was a pure, read more

15th century headwear with golden sprang

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-12-30
After making the Lengberg headwear and realizing it was to little I wanted to make a new one. A new one that was more inspired by Lengberg instead of trying to make a copy of it. I wanted to have sprang on it though, because it is something I enjoy read more

Costuming and sewing year in review

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2020-12-29
 Well, as we all know there weren't any costumed events after the beginning of March, except a few picnics, and online SCA events, but I did sew and make new costumes, and also plenty of clothing more for every day wear.I am still recovering from read more

Marlein on Etsy

Marlein - a 16th century wardrobe on 2020-12-29
I have been quite silent during December. But I have been working a lot on new garments. Corona made my company close its office and I have been working from home. That meant that I could sew a lot more! I placed a large box on my couch and garment read more

Season’s Greetings

Knights Crossing on 2020-12-24
Baron und Baronin von Knight’s Crossing übermitteln Euch mit einem kleinen Video Grüße zu dieser Festzeit: Der Beitrag Season’s Greetings erschien zuerst auf Die Baronie Knight's Crossing - SCA in Deutschland. read more

God Jul! to all of you

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2020-12-24
 In Sweden we celebrate on christmas eve, so today is the big day.Hubby took these photos of me outside the main entrance to the (close due to Covid-19), earlier this week. There is no snow in Gothenburg, but today there was ice on the puddles when read more

Åka på lajv del 4: Att skapa en roll

Handcrafted History on 2020-12-24
Va, kommer inte rollskapandet förrän nu? Borde man inte börja här? Jag trodde rollskapandet och ett detaljerat skrivande av rollen var viktigt, och ett sätt att vara en bra lajvare på, när jag började min lajvkarriär i tonåren. Det verkade … read more

ten years in Sweden = ten years of Singing

Kareina's observations on 2020-12-19
Ten years ago, I visited Nordmark for the second time to attend the St. Cecelia’s music and dance themed event, and had no idea how that trip would change my life for the better. I had been living in Italy, and my first post-doc job contract was read more

But what about the pandemic?

Summer Coronation 2021 News on 2020-12-18
That is a good question. As I write this, in early January, we can’t be certain how things will look this summer. New laws and recommendations for Sweden are being enacted, and we are watching them closely. Our goal is Read more… read more

Inside DMNES from the Perspective of an Intern

Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources on 2020-12-17
I can’t believe I’m at the end of my six-month internship with DMNES! On one hand, it feels like the time has flown by in an instant, but on the other hand, it seems like I’ve learned more than could possibly fit within half a year.  I wanted to read more

Making a sleeveless dress in easy steps

Handcrafted History on 2020-12-14
I decided to make another sleeveless middle dress to wear under my velvet houppelande. The other one (similar to this one, also in black silk tafetta) I made before apparently shrinked on its own in the wardrobe during the winter, … Continue reading read more



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