Vikingajul på Birka 11 december

Holmrike Blog on 2021-11-13
Några medlemmar i Holmrike har redan bokat sig för att åka på julbord till Birka med Strömma. De kommer självklart åka vikingaklädda men det är inget krav. Gör oss sällskap den 11 december! Kvällen inleds med en kryssning genom Mälaren Läs mer… read more

Glöta gillet adventure

Kareina's observations on 2021-11-9
 Years ago, I was invited to Gyllengran’s Glöta Gillet event to teach an embroidery class and had a delightful time. I haven’t made it to another since. Therefore, when Keldor sent me a message a couple of weeks back saying that there were a few read more

Historiska nu på lördag 13/11

Holmrike Blog on 2021-11-8
Vi ses väl på Historiska på lördag!? I somras öppnade till slut Historiska Museets Vikingautställning igen, efter ett par stängda år och vi ser fram emot att se den ihop med en massa medlemmar nu på lördag 13 november kl. Läs mer… read more

Bells and ermine: a heraldic gollar

The lazy reenactor girl on 2021-11-6
Margaret Tudor, 1489-1541. You might have noticed that I enjoy to use my heraldic device, a lot! I got it registered in May 2019 and ever since then, I have nonstop plans on what I want to make next. So when I had tried to paint some drinking read more

Words of another sort

Magdalena's kitchen on 2021-11-5
 Traditionally during the elevation ceremony there are people to speak for your elevation. Sometimes you get to pick them, sometimes you do not. Depends on a variety of things. Having a writ meant that I could pick who spoke for me. There was some read more

Magical places and Viking living

Handcrafted History on 2021-11-3
With this blog post, I am celebrating 10 years worth of blog posts on this blog. I had another blog before this, so I have been writing for a longer time, but when I moved here I decided to take … Continue reading → read more

Gifts: given and received

Magdalena's kitchen on 2021-11-1
This post has taken me most of a week to put together. I am battling a chest cold now. The sinus crap headed south, ugh!I received quite a few things. Thank you to everyone!! The thoughtfulness and love is overwhelming .I received some words.Some read more

Words in the form of a scroll

Magdalena's kitchen on 2021-11-1
 These are the most beautiful words I have ever seen. My scroll left me literally agape and without words at it's beauty .The scribes own words on the project can be found read more


Magdalena's kitchen on 2021-10-28
 That is what we call the accoutrements that we wear to identify rank and station. Be it a simple circlet or a fancy coronet (crown), medallions or collars, capes, cloaks and other outer garments, they stand out to make the wearer identifiable. Upon read more

Marknad på Medeltidsmuseet 30 & 31 oktober

Holmrike Blog on 2021-10-27
Det hålles en marknad på Medeltidsmuseet lördag 30 & söndag 31 oktober 12-17 båda dagarna med fri entré. Kom och fynda hantverk på Medeltidsmuseets årliga marknadsplats. Njut av det uppdukade festbordet, hör om medeltida lekar och pröva en read more

Photos from Drachenwald's Autumn Crown Tourney

Eva's historical costuming blog on 2021-10-26
 I was too busy to take many photos at Drachenwald's Autumn Crown in the Netherlands: the first in person event since March 2020, the first since I got better from my exhaustion, me entering the tourney with my dear frend Sir Måns, the long delayed read more

Anmälan till årets Midvinter är öppen

Holmrike Blog on 2021-10-26
I år hålls Midvinter som ett dagsevent 18 december. Vi vandrar ut till Gåseborg traditionsenligt och grillar korv, dricker glögg och äter lussekatter samt lyssnar på historier om Holmrikes svunna tider. Anmälan är nu öppen! Hoppas att vi ses! read more

Transition- a ramble on this past weekend

Magdalena's kitchen on 2021-10-25
I move on now from what was to what will be. I have done this many times in various aspects in my life, I will find my way forward with hope, love and the support of others. I am not alone.This weekend was so much more magical that I ever could have read more

Wie war es? How was it? #bilingual

Anna Syveken on 2021-10-25
english below | click here Am vergangenen Wochenende konnte endlich (!) wieder einmal ein Kingdom Event stattfinden und meine Güte, es ist so unglaublich viel passiert, das dauert noch ein bisschen, das alles zu verarbeiten und in Beiträge zu read more

How to take care of your historical shoes

Handcrafted History on 2021-10-20
At the end of each historical adventure-season I try to clean, mend and grease all our shoes. Outdoors in the autumn sun is of course the most enjoyable, but as long as you get it done it is fine. (Ideally, … Continue reading → read more

T minus 4 #englishonly

Anna Syveken on 2021-10-18
The packing madness begins. On Thursday it’s off to the Netherlands, and on the weekend there will (finally!) be another big Kingdom event!If all goes well, this will be a special weekend for me, as the time has come to comply with Their Majesties‘ read more



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