Looking forward to Kingdom University?

Want to create your own mead before it starts, ready in time for the weekend of classes?

One of the late and great members of the SCA was Master Terafan Greydragon, who showed prowess in pretty much everything he turned his hand to, one of which was brewing, and it is his website where I found this quick, easy and cheap version of a short (as in time) mead. It is a refreshing and fizzy mead, and not too alcoholic, so a perfect post-fight energy drink.

Master Terafan’s recipe is available for download here: http://www.greydragon.org/brewing/mead.html Use the top link. The ratio is 1 in 5, honey to water, use a general yeast (or historically, ale barm, or ale yeast).

So, make your mead on Saturday or sunday, leave for three days and three nights, transfer to a clean container and leave for a day. If you are feeling fancy, throw in some fresh ginger, hyssop, risehips (clean out their innards first!!!) or orange peel.

then bottle in spare gas-sealed containers (flip-tops or plastic soda bottles – DO NOT CORK!) and you will have a nice fizzy mead in time for the Brewers Guild Social on Friday at 2100hrs CET! See you there!!!

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