The Challenge for #DrachenwaldTry4 is Uncial Calligraphy

Our nominator for part 4 is Lord James Waltham, from Thamesreach, who would like to see some calligraphy using the Uncial script.

For complete beginners, this useful tutorial posted on the Reddit group r/Calligraphy introduces the basic shapes, pen angle and so on. Please post your results using the #DrachenwaldTry4 hashtag, on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or in comments on the post about the challenge at the Facebook group “DW A&S”.

If you enjoy that or already have experience with calligraphy and uncial, you can move straight on to Part 2 (the alphabet) and Part 3 (writing out a quote). Lord James requests quotes from Beowulf either in Old English or in modern translation (into any language).

You can use any calligraphy pens you have for this, dip pens, cartridge pens, goose feathers, felt tips – what matters is TRYING the letter shapes. If you haven’t got any flat nibbed pens and can’t find any in whatever shops are currently open or delivering quickly, you can even use two pens or pencils fastened together as shown here.

With thanks to reddit user u/ohhimadeamess for the tutorials.



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