Too long; didn’t read: Cool stuff, check out the links. If you're an event steward please read anyways.

TLDR: cool stuff below, check out the links TLDR (and you’re an event steward, please do read the stuff below)

As the known world goes online for the duration of the current plague we’ve done some plague updates as well as regular updates to the website:

  • Event stewards & Senechals can now cancel events or provide emergency information for the website. Most of the events in march/april/may have already done this, if you want to do this but don’t have the link contact me
  • Online meetings, we’ve added an option to put an event on the calendar as ‘online’. There are many things popping up all over Drachenwald, if you want to publish them to the kingdom outside of Facebook there’s an option. Kareina (Riia M. Chmielowski) has access to a Zoom account if you need help for holding an online meeting.
  • This is Drachenwald has been updated to include Youtube. If you’re taking the this time to put video’s on Youtube, consider telling us and we’ll give you a wider platform: You’ll now see more events on the calendar, the calendar for Insulae Draconis and Drachenwald have merged underneath the surface. This means that event stewards in ID only have to fill out one form and the calendars will be updated in both places as well as the chroniclers be informed about the new event automatically. This functionality is available for other local branches as well.
  • We’re moving things around on the event form a little bit to accommodate different types of notices, if you want to claim a date you won’t get all the questions. You will still need to provide the details closer to the event!.
  • Cecily has been running an amazing try out new skills during this plague thing. You should go check out the blog posts for it: Because soooo many of you said they’d prefer to get information in ways that are not Facebook we want to try out a notifications-only mailing list. Something that would send updates for e.g. new/event updates or new blog posts. If you’re interested in being a beta tester, please subscribe, the requirements are that you occasionally read your email and you’re willing to let us know how it’s working for you:

As usual, poke us if you’re interested in helping with things. We’ve got cookies and occasionally wine.

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