Greetings from Drachenwald’s Posthorn Herald!

Due to mundane priorities I’ve not had as much time in recent months as I would have liked to spend on Posthorn tasks.

Therefore, I have prioritized adding awards from court reports to the OP, i.e. Order of Precedence. No new reports are in my inbox, but I am waiting on replies regarding a few older reports. I may just add them anyway and rely on corrections to be sent in afterwards if needed.

All corrections and images of devices that have been sent to Posthorn since before 2024 are not lost. I have just not gotten round to them yet.

What I have been doing whenever I had “extra” time is trying to find ways for Posthorn to share the workload in the future, hopefully allowing people to help even if they are not database administrators. 🙂

Finally, I’ve been working with Yda to implement further improvements to the interface of the OP. More info to come regarding that later!

Yours In Service, Countess Jacquelyna de Bellmont Drachenwald Posthorn Herald



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