The Drachenwald Order of Precedence (OP) is our Kingdom’s official record of honours given to people by the Crown or by rulers of a Principality or a Barony:

As looking after the OP is a lot of work, the workload is divided into two parts that require very different skill sets: data care and technical care. Data care refers to the contents of the database - who has received which honours, their names, registered arms, etc. The technical care team ensures that the database and its website function correctly.

The OP has now been moved from its old location to the Kingdom server, and into the technical care of the Kingdom Web Team. The data contents of the OP continue to be cared for by our College of Heralds. During this move, the OP records were updated with the recent court reports that have been created using the Kingdom Court Reporting Form:

The work on updating the OP software continues. We’ve added an easy way to submit corrections and some tweaks in other places. Maintaining the software needs more volunteers however. If you’re interested in this, please contact

In addition to listing awards given, the OP allows you to recommend people to receive awards or other honours. Please use the recommendation form in the OP to tell Drachenwald Crown and/or the rulers of principalities and baronies about the people doing good deeds so that they can be recognised! Queen Cornelia is working on an illustrated guide to using the recommendation function; if you would like to volunteer to translate it into further languages of our Kingdom, please get in touch at

Thanks to all volunteers who have made this happen, particularly:

Dame Ary Bona and Lord Simon Talbot for their long work as keepers of the OP Kingdom Web Minister Lady Yda and Dame Sela for the technical migration of the OP Duchess Siobhan and Maestra Ellisif for updating the records If you have other feedback, suggestions or questions about the OP, please email me at

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