Greetings unto Our dear populace!

Here follows the format of the upcoming Crown Tournament in Polderslot 22–24 October 2021.

The tournament will be a round robin, best out of three.

If there is a need for semi-finals, there will be a round robin with the top four couples, best out of three.

Finals will be fought best out of five.

Fighters may choose whichever weapons form they wish and are authorized in.

If there is a need for a by-fighter it will be non-destructive.

Double-kills will count as one loss per fighter. This means that if there is a double-kill in the first bout, then the score will be 1-1. Only when there is a need to settle a match, will a double-kill be re-fought.

A fighter who runs into the edge of the listfield that results in a hold being called, will receive a warning. The third time a fighter runs into the edge of the list in the same bout counts as fleeing and thus will be counted as a loss for that fighter.

Physically pushing an opponent into the edge of the list is not permitted and cannot be used as a way to gain victory.

If a fighter loses an arm, that arm cannot be used for the remainder of the bout. For example, if a fighter who uses sword and shield loses their sword-arm, they must switch their sword to their other hand. A basket hilt will be provided (and disinfected between use) on site to keep fighters safe, but fighters should bring half guantlets for both hands. If you have your own full guantlet or spare basket hilt, please bring it if you are able to avoid borrowing equipment.

There will be no shared water bottles which means you have to bring your own.

We want it to be clear for all watching the tournament who won the fight, so if you are defeated, lay down, kneel down or show in another appropriate way who won. Here follows the list of participants in Our Crown tournament, with an addition: Fighter and Consort:

  1. Count Morales Galen and Lady Eila Joarsdotter
  2. Vicomte Måns Knutsson Kotte and Mistress Aleydis van Vilvoorde
  3. Vicomte Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon and Lady Agnes Boncuer
  4. Lady Agnes Boncuer and Vicomte Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon
  5. Viscount Duncan Kerr and Lady Gele Pechplumin
  6. Sir Malachi of Lloegr and Lady Aetta Biaergh
  7. Master Garsiyya ibn Ibrahim ibn Sulaiman al-Qurtubi and Mistress Mairi Jean Craig
  8. Lord Jan van Nyenrode and Maestra Victoria Piera Rosselli
  9. Lady Margareta Arvidsdotter and Baron Engli Ingimarrsson
  10. Lord Erich Olavsson Haane and Lady Elisabet Nilsdotter
  11. Lord Mícheál Breathnach and Lady Laoghaire Ní Chuínn
  12. Lord Mathias Haubrich and Lady Marye Elizabeth Poppin

For the glory of Drachenwald, Æríkr and Jacquelyna, King and Queen of the Long Reign


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