TL/DR: Criteria for participation in the upcoming Drachenwald Crown list in October 2021.

The usual requirements according to kingdom law will apply, with the following adaptations to be included in letters of intent:

  • Adaption 1, regarding attendance:
    a. A list of the six most recent SCA occasions that you have physically attended in Drachenwald.
    b. Our definition of an SCA occasion is an in-person gathering with any kind of SCA activities, e.g. fighter practices, A&S meetings, official published events, local SCA business meetings, etc.
    c. There is no time constraint for the list of attended SCA occasions.
    d. This applies to both fighter and consort.

  • Adaption 2, regarding safety:
    e. Each fighter must have been in armor and fought at least twice, on separate occasions. (See item “b” above, and items “f” & “g” below.)
    f. On these occasions, each fighter must have faced at least one opponent.
    g. These occasions must have happened after June 1st 2021.
    h. Include in your letter of intent: a list of when, where, and whom you fought.

  • General info:
    i. The deadline for letters of intent is Friday September 24th 2021.
    j. Letters of intent should be sent to the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal.
    k. Fighters who do not have a valid authorization (yet), can still send in a letter of intent.
    l. Fighters MUST have a valid authorization card at the time of the tournament.

Their Royal Majesties, Æríkr and Jacquelyna, King and Queen of the Long Reign of Drachenwald, make known the criteria for Their upcoming Crown Tournament on October 23rd 2021, in the Shire of Polderslot.

In accordance with kingdom law, section, letters of intent should be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal and Their Royal Majesties no later than 30 days in advance of the tournament, i.e. on Thursday September 23rd 2021, at the latest.

All other requirements listed in kingdom law section 7.02.2 for participation in the Crown List, will apply with the following adaptations due to the effects of the pandemic:

We will apply section to all applicants. This section of kingdom law allows the Crown and the Seneschal to waive certain requirements of participation. Section will still apply, i.e. that participants must have resided in Drachenwald for the six months preceding the Crown List entered. Due to the lack of physical events being held during the pandemic, We will require the following information instead:

  1. A list of the six most recent SCA occasions that you have physically attended in Drachenwald, including when, where, and event name or type of activity. These gatherings could be an official SCA event, or it could be a small local one-day gathering, or it could be A&S meetings/fighter practices. There is no time constraint for this list, so all six events could have been before the pandemic or all six could have occurred in the last month. This applies to both participants listed in the letter of intent.

  2. To ensure the safety of all fighters in the list after such a long break from fighting, We ask that each fighter has been in armor and fought at least one opponent during two separate occasions since the 1st of June. Please include in your letters of intent when, where, and whom you fought.

Regarding lapsed authorizations:

  • If you are not authorized, either never have been or your authorization has lapsed, you can still send in your letter of intent. You will need to have a valid authorization on the day of the tournament, prior to the start of the Crown tournament.

  • There will be a possibility to do an authorization before the tournament. Please note that it is very important that you are on time. If you are late for the authorization time, you will not be able to authorize before the tournament. Also important: if you fail the authorization, you will not be allowed to enter the tournament. Thus, We encourage you to have this sorted before the event and only use this as a last resort.

Done by Our hand this last day of June, in the second Year of the Plague, Anno Sociatatis LVI, Æríkr and Jacquelyna King and Queen of the Long Reign of Drachenwald”



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