Their Majesties Æiríkr inn Hárfagri and Jacquelyna de Bellmont give notice that they intend to hold a Curia Regis on Thursday May 27, 2021 beginning at 19:00 CET. This will be an online meeting hosted via Zoom. Please see the online Drachenwald Kingdom calendar for more information about how to attend the meeting.

All Great Officers of the Kingdom should make every effort to attend this on-line curia. If Great officers are unable to do so, they may send a designated representative, or make their comments known to the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal in writing, prior to the day of the Curia.

Drachenwald subjects may send questions and comments in writing about this Curia to the Crown ( and Kingdom Seneschal ( until May 26, 2021. Questions submitted in writing in advance of the Curia will be answered first followed by general discussion.

Curia Agenda

1. Review proposed Drachenwald law changes

Copies of the proposed changes and rational for them may be found in the May 2021 issue of the Dragon’s Tale and on the Kingdom Website.

a. Proposal to change the Glossary

Most noteworthy of these changes is that the old term “official event” is replaced with two new terms “society event” and “published event”. Other definitions have also been added.

b. Proposal to change Drachenwald law section 5

The major changes are to remove some Kingdom offices and change some processes that are no longer used for Kingdom administration.

c. Proposal to change Drachenwald law section

This proposal seeks to clarify and ensure that Crown Tourney participants have both been recently reasonably active within Drachenwald and that they have been a part of this Kingdom for more than just six months.

2. Retiring and re-purposing of certain regalia

a. Retiring the silver crowns.

Their Majesties seek the approval of the curia for retiring the silver crowns of the Royal Heirs. These crowns have not been used in quite some time due to the fact that they are quite fragile as well as difficult to travel with. There are currently two additional sets of crowns for the Royal Heirs in the Kingdom regalia besides the silver ones currently discussed, so retiring them will not affect the availability of crowns for the Royal Heirs of Drachenwald.

b. Re-purposing the silver crowns.

Due to the historical significance of these crowns for the Kingdom, Their Majesties suggest re-purposing them in a respectful manner. Having asked the opinion of Baron Etienne le Fevre, the artisan who created the crowns over 15 years ago, His Excellency has expressed his full support to Their Majesties in this matter. Their Majesties have some ideas and suggestions already, but welcome further commentary. If you wish to make your opinions known to Their Majesties before the curia, please send it to

3. New Business

Any new business.



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