Greetings good people of Drachenwald!

We bring you news regarding Spring Crown tournament in the Barony of Eplaheimr. Sadly due to the current state of the pandemic this cannot take place however much We wish it were possible. The wellbeing of you, Our dear populace, is Our foremost concern and so must We once again postpone the tournament where Our successors will be selected. The event team for the Spring Crown Tournament has done all that they can and We would like to thank them for their willingness to step up in these uncertain times.

As such We have requested and been granted variance from the SCA Board of Directors to hold Crown tournament during Midsummer Coronation, where the victors of the tournament will be crowned at the same event. This will require the support from all of you, the same kind of support that you have shown Us in these past long months. We know that Drachenwald will stand strong, We know that Drachenwald can do this and We know that Drachenwald will grow from this as We see these same traits in the will and dedication of the populace of the kingdom.

We ask your patience as the event team for Midsummer Coronation, which is now both Crown Tournament and Coronation, make the nessecary preparations. More information will be posted as soon as it is ready.

In Service to the Kingdom of Drachenwald, wishing you all good health and prosperity until we meet again,

Æríkr, Konungur/König/Kuningas/Rí/King Jacquelyna, Drottning/Königen/Kuningatar/Banríon/Queen



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