Baroness Ysabella Maria solves the most vexing of garment mysteries in this two-part video series for the Kingdom University warm-up week: buttons!

She demonstrates how to make two different kinds of buttons.

First, the “Death’s Head” button, which first appeared at the end of the 16th century and was very common by the second decade of the 17th:

And secondly, the Tudor wrapped button, which is a common feature of Tudor portraits:

Baroness Ysabella Maria will also be hosting a live buttons Q&A on Sunday 29th, at 10:30am CET in the Bologna room.

For further garb-related enlightenment, join us at Drachenwald Kingdom University in the Year of the Long Reign - November 23rd to 29th. All garb-related classes and activities, ranging from Norman to Korean, are marked by a shirt symbol on the classlist and schedule.

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