We are thrilled to announce that Gaita (http://www.gaita.co.uk/) will be providing music for our Ball on Saturday night! See the list of dances below. The medieval music ensemble Gaita is dedicated to performing medieval music from the courts of Europe from the 1200-1500 (from France, Italy, Spain, and Scotland) in an historically informed style. A particular focus is on reconstructing the music and choreographies of the dances of the 15th C; from the Italian masters, Burgundian sources and the Gresley manuscript. You can check out their work here:

Youtube Playlist



They are a phenomenally talented group, and we hope you will join Mistress Judith and Gaita to dance away the night, at 8pm CET in the Leiden room!

Dances for the ball:

  • Petits Vriens
  • Anello
  • Lauro (1)
  • Saltarello
  • Amoroso
  • Orynge
  • Leoncello (1)
  • Danse de Cleves (1)
  • Petite Rose
  • Fia Guielmina (2)
  • Vito di Cholino (1)
  • Grene Gynger
  • Gioioso (for three) (2)

(1) = walk through (2) = for those who know it

Find out more: ku.drachenwald.sca.org

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