Greetings Drachenwald,

Their Majesties Æiríkr and Jacquelyna give notice that they intend to hold a Curia Regis on Thursday, November 12, 2020 beginning at 19:00 CET. This will be an online meeting hosted via Zoom. Please see the online Drachenwald Kingdom calendar for more information about how to attend the meeting.

All Greater Officers of the Kingdom should make every effort to attend this on-line curia. If Greater officers are unable to do so, they may send a designated representative, or make their comments known to the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal in writing, prior to the day of the Curia.

Drachenwald subjects may also send questions and comments in writing to the Crown ( and Kingdom Seneschal ( in advance of the meeting until November 11, 2020. Questions submitted in writing in advance of the Curia will be answered first followed by general discussion.

Other questions regarding this Curia Regis may be sent via email to

Yours in service, Margaret de Mey (Margaret Menzies), Drachenwald Kingdom Seneschal

Curia Agenda

1. Review two proposed Drachenwald Law changes

  • Removal of gender requirements for participating in Crown List (Section
  • Reorganization of the Drachenwald awards section and making the awards gender neutral. (Section 9)

Copies of the proposed changes may be found in the October issue of the Dragon’s Tale and on the Kingdom Website.

2. New Business



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