Greetings dear populace of Drachenwald!

We write this now with heavy hearts, to inform you of Our recent decision to cancel both Crown tournament in October 2020 and Coronation in January 2021.

This is done as We do not deem it safe to ask Our populace to travel long distances within the kingdom. We have examined and considered the trends in recent reports from the Swedish National Health Authority (“FHM”) and the ECDC and We cannot in good consciousness sponsor an event that encourages international travel as We feel that this is irresponsible. As of July 29, the Swedish Foreign Ministry strongly discourages travel to/from 6 of the 7 countries that the participants for the October event would have travelled from, and the ministry’s decision is unlikely to change in the near future due to the recent upswing in Covid cases in Europe.

Please know that We do not make this decision lightly, We have twisted and turned, We have consulted many of Our peers as well as the Kingdom Seneschal, but ultimately it is the health and safety of the populace, all of our friends and families, that matters most.

As it stands now, Spring Crown 2021 is where We intend to select Our heirs, who will then be crowned during Midsummer Coronation in June 2021. In the meantime, events can happen locally in those regions where it is deemed safe while following local health authorities’ guidelines and Drachenwald’s guidelines recently published by the Kingdom Seneschal’s office. We must always remember that safety comes first.

We are fully aware that this will be a challenge for Us, yet in Our hearts, We know that We cannot leave the Black Dragon thrones empty.

This has never been done before and it will most likely be remembered as the Long Reign but with your help and support it can be done. We know of the great strength, wisdom and courage that exists within Our fair Kingdom and We are immensely grateful for the support that has been offered to Us. We must now ask for your continued support and patience while We make sure that We not only endure but thrive while We serve you Our beloved populace until it is safe to step down.

We believe in looking for the positives in life and encourage you all to save the dates of these recently cancelled events, i.e. October 9-11 in Nordmark and January 15-17 in Central region, for the possibility of wondrous things that still might come to be.

In Service to the Kingdom of Drachenwald, wishing you all good health and prosperity until we meet again,

Æríkr, Konungur/König/Kuningas/Rí/King Jacquelyna, Drottning/Königen/Kuningatar/Banríon/Queen



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