Autumn approaches, and with it our next Crown Tourney. The Drachenwald Seneschal has announced that the time has come for those who wish to compete to send letters of intent.

Letters of intent to enter Autumn Crown Tourney must be received this year by September 18, 2019. Letters should be sent via email to the all three email addresses:, and

There is no official letter format, but letters should contain the following:

  • Proof of SCA or Affiliate membership and the expiration date (attaching an image of your membership cards is appreciated!)
  • Proof of current fighter authorization for the competitor
  • Your modern and SCA names for both participants along with postal addresses and email or other electronic addresses. (email preferred)
  • A list of six official events (those listed in the Dragon’s Tale) that each participant has attended within the preceding 18 months.

More information about competing in a Drachenwald Crown Tourney may be found in our Kingdom Law Section 7.00 Concerning Kingdom Events, subsection 7.02.2 Requirements for Participation.



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